Jul 16, 2013

Working Out Like a Boss.... or at Least Pretending To.

Friends, you all know that on Friday I was going to join Nikki in the two classes she teaches, Body Pump and Body Combat.

Well, I did. But I first thought it would be a great idea to do a spin class in the morning, which by the way I kicked total ass in!

So after spin, I came home and grabbed my stuff.  I had the pleasure of sitting in traffic which was oh so wonderful, but after about an hour of traffic I finally arrived at Nikki's place.  I got to snuggle Zoey and Riley and give them puppy massages while Nikki was scouring her kitchen for something to eat.

I have taken her Body Combat class before, which you can read that hilarious post here.  But this was the first time I was going to take her Body Combat class which involves weights.  Weights as in the heavy stuff that you have to lift and PRAY it doesn't drop on your toe and roll across the room.

On our way to the place Nikki was giving me a bit of info on what to expect.  She actually said to me, "you will have a bar and you need to grab two 10 pound weights and two 5 pound weights and also dumbbells."  My NORMAL response was, "how about I just use the bar?"  This is the thing people, I don't do so great with lifting weights.  It's my fitness beast that I am tackling now.  I can't even do a push up!!! I have NO upper body strength which is why it's really hard for me when I am doing weight lifting.  I have gotten much better at it but still, I am a weakling!  So, we get to the gym and this is what ends up in front of me:

 photo workoutstuff_zps8e13da62.jpg

Cue panic mode.

Everyone else walks in all pumped up.  Meanwhile in my head I am freaking out and saying, how the hell am I suppose to HOLD that let alone do exercises with it.

Well, I did it. Surprisingly I didn't pass out and my arms didn't fall off the day after.  But holy poo is that class a bitch.  I am not going to lie, that class is probably one of the best workouts you can do with weights, but it kicked my ass.  Then right after, Nikki was teaching Body Pump so yeah, we ran to the other studio and did another hour workout for Body Pump.  YES YOU READ THAT CORRECT, BACK TO BACK CLASSES.

Again, I didn't pass out which was a plus.  I was also super happy with being able to get through both classes.

 photo nikkiandiworkout_zpsd5b9b2b0.jpg

There is always a photo op when we are together... because we are just so awesome. Just saying.

Also during the day also included Nikki's friend, Siobhan, who was drinking what we like to call "vomit juice".  It literally tasted like bile. I got suckered into trying the drink.  As soon as that drink hit my tongue I regretted that decision. Lesson learned here is to never mix two different things together because 99.9% of the time, it will taste like bile.  Trust us on this.  DON'T DO IT.


Mary Long said...

Three tough classes in one day - How did you keep from falling over? That is awesome! P.S. I am happy to know I am not the only one that can't do a push up! LOL Epic fails...

Kathryn said...

You are killing it, girl! Keep up the good work!

Jen said...

You rock my friend!!! I'm on vacation for 2 weeks and am still determined to run like a mad woman.