Jul 25, 2013

Musings from the First Week at Work

  • Did you know they are making a White Chicks 2????
  • Migraines suck, especially on your 3rd day at new job. 
  • I still don't have a desk to sit at. 
  • I can't wait till next week so I can figure out a new gym schedule.  I miss the gym!
  • I've been reading Homefront by Kristin Hannah and it has been a great read. 
  • I think I have finally learned how to find the cafeteria in my new job! I think = key words.  This place is huge!
  • I hate the fact that Passionfruit is making people pay to use their service... even for us "small" bloggers who don't spend a whole bunch of money on ads.  Really wish they would have created a part free for at least button swaps.  Here's an idea:  Free part of site to use includes button swaps for 100x100 only. That would be nice
  • Heatwave here in NJ is finally over and today it felt like a Fall morning. Loving it! 
  • I really really really miss football. 
  • I just got myself a big cup of coffee at work and am a happy camper! 


Nikki said...

1. Kristen Hannah Firefly Lane is amazing read it!

2. Good luck getting a gym schedule down its not easy with work!

3. I gave up button swaps on my blog and I have to say I am kinda okay with it. I REFUSE to pay! REFUSE

4. Football....MBT is a Giants fan like hard core I see may sundays together!

Vicki said...

Migraines are the root of all evil :( Feel better girlie! And YAY for new jobs!!! :-)

Julann said...

I am a bit disappointed with the Passionfruit changes. I don't do a lot of paid or get a lot of paid, but love the swap. I think I am just going to do without all of it and blog just to blog.

Glad your first week is going well.

Jen said...

Boo to migraines! :(

Laura Darling said...

I'm glad that you found the cafeteria, that is very important! :)