Jul 30, 2013

Best Baby Sprinkle

At the job today, the team threw a baby sprinkle for a director.  Since I am kind of part of the team, I was invited. It was a bit weird since I don't really know anyone and I felt like it was such an intimate event (work wise) but it was nice to be included.  Then the following things happened:

  • A onesie with the WuTang logo was given
  • Initials were monogrammed on bibs, clothes, and blanket that coincide with Old Dirty Bastard rapper.  This seemed to be a joke that was established before. 
  • WuTang music then started to get played on a laptop for listening pleasure.  In a conference room, during work hours.... .and no it wasn't the clean version.  HILARIOUS. 
  • Food was cooked and baked and OMG they decorated the place with such cute things!  These girls are amazing.  You can tell they really enjoyed doing this. 
  • Did I mention how much food there was?  Bagels, Orange Juice an Pelligrino (to make "fake" mimosas), brownies, cupcakes, fruit salad, pasta salad, spinach dip, french toast sticks, coffee, breakfast casserole. 
  • It was delish!
  • Jokes and funny stories shared.
It was hands down the BEST sprinkle I have ever been too.  I even told some of the girls that I would love if when I have kids, that people throw me a shower/sprinkle like this one.  But I seriously don't think it can be topped. 

I also loved the fact of how awesome the team worked together to pull this off.  That was nice of them and it's cool to see how bonded the girls are.  

I laughed so much this morning that I was even tearing up a bit.  Just go to shows you, even at work you can start off the morning with a positive vibe! 


Mary Long said...

Awe that's awesome! What a great way to break the ice as the new kid too!

Julann said...

Awwwww.... last week you were so stressed, this week the tone in your voice has changed.

Nikki said...

thats so cool!

lil desiqua said...

I've never heard it called a Sprinkle before- that's cute! I used to have to plan things like this when I was an Office Manager- it's not easy, and sounds like they did a great job! Also sounds like you have a really fun, cool group of coworkers!

Jen said...

This sounds amazing! :) Such great women.

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