Jun 12, 2013

That Person at the Gym

Yesterday, I was at hip hop class and I wanted to punch someone in the face.

Like bad. Like repeatedly punch them in the face. Over and over again.  BAM BAM BAM.

Why? Because this girl was talking the whole time during class. I can hear her OVER the loud music.  If you want to chat with your girlfriend about your dam pedicure and what your boyfriend did for you the other night that was "oh so sweet"... get the eff out of the class and go to a cafe.  Clearly you are not working hard enough at the hip hop class because the rest of us can  barely breathe let alone have a full blown conversation. She had the most annoying voice ever too.  PUNCH. HER. SO. HARD.

Then, someone comes late into class.  She goes off to the side in the row I was in. Somewhat next to me, but not really.  All of a sudden, this woman is in front of me.  What the eff?!?!?! STAY IN YOUR SPOT WOMAN! How the hell did you manage to glide over 5 feet and push us around that you end up in the middle of a group.  Then she kept looking back as if I was too close to her.  UH YEAH LADY, YOU ARE IN FRONT OF ME WHEN YOU STARTED NEXT TO ME FIVE FEET AWAY.  The girl in front of her turned around and said, "can you go back to your spot because we don't have room now since you squeezed yourself in.".  Ha! In your face lady!!! The rest of us who were forced to move around because she came in middle secretly were high fiving the girl who said something.  We love her. She was awesome. She stuck up for all of us.  You go girl!

And this brings me to another point during one of the Zumba classes I take.  That person who is going the completely opposite way.  All you have to do is follow the instructor who is facing forward like the rest of us.  What is so hard about that?  And what makes it easier is that the 40 other people in class are all going the same way.  So how is it that you can not for the full hour of class go the right way... screwing up the people next to you especially when our arms go flying in the air. If you get smacked in the face, I think most of the people are not going to be sympathetic because you are doing it to yourself  "backwards lady."

And note, it's not her first time at class AND she stands in front row.  Get your act together lady and follow the rest of the 40 people AND the instructor who is going to right way.

And that ends my gym rant.
Do you all encounter people like this???


Britt said...

I personally love the girl who attends class that thinks she's a hip hop dancer and tries to show off but fails miserably.

Ashley said...

I was gonna ask how she can have the ability to have a conversation is she was actually working out... LOL.

We don't have people like that at my gym.

I'm one of those uncoordinated people... I'm always backwards. It isn't for lack of trying. I don't know what it is but my brain just doesn't follow through. :/ But, we're not all piled on top of each other either so no one is in danger of getting hit. And no one is watching me - everyone at my gym is focus on themselves and their own workouts. I do tend to stay in the back corners though out of people's way.

Jen said...

That drives me insane!!!! Ugh!

Unknown said...

I'm sure I would totally encounter people like that if I ever became a gym person.
I've considered it.
Tried it a couple times.
And if it ever becomes a thing, I'll watch out for those people.
Thnx for the heads up! :)