Jun 4, 2013

My Baby Turned 2!

This lucky girl had a birthday!!!!

 photo Sadiebirthday_zps927befd0.jpg

She turned 2 on  Sunday!!!!
But let's rewind on how she gave us a little scare on Saturday.  For the past three weeks, Sadie would go out for her morning walk with me and every time, she would eat grass.. throw it up twice and then be happy as go lucky.  At first I wasn't too concerned since dogs usually do that to soothe tummy problems.  But she was doing it every day and I figured it wasn't normal, but then again, all she was throwing up was the grass she ate.  Well, Saturday I had to be gone first thing in morning so hubs was in charge of morning walk.  He calls me and asks me if when she would throw up the grass did she ever fall back and start shaking. I immediately say no and tell him to call vet because it sounded like she may have had a seizure with him.  I get home, scoop up the dog and off we go to the vet.  An hour later, we walked out of there happy campers. When hubs described the incident to vet, she was pretty confident that she it wasn't a seizure just that maybe she choked herself up when throwing up.  She did tell us to give her a quarter of a tablet of Pepcid twice a day.  She says the eating grass frequently may be a sign of acid indigestion.  So, we are going to be trying that for the next two weeks to see if that helps.  But I am just glad that she is OK and she sure did freak out her mama and pop pop.

For her birthday, we bought her a special birthday cookie treat that she devoured in about 45 seconds.
 photo Sadiesmellcookie_zps9034f978.jpg

 photo Sadiecookie_zps3d4a67a4.jpg

After she ate up her cookie, it was birthday present time!  We bought her a small basketball because Sadie loves playing with balls (that's what she said).  In the past we have bought her a soccer ball but she punctured a hole in it within 4 minutes of having it and it deflated.  She was able to get her teeth in there and walk around with the soccer ball that was bigger than her face. Ha!  We figured with the basketball it would be much harder for her to puncture it and so far we are totally WINNING!!!

 photo Sadiebirthdaypresent_zps7d6c7c7f.jpg

And after the birthday cookie and playing time, she just needed some stretching and relaxation.
 photo Sadiestretch_zps86ee3f13.jpg


Britt said...

That cookie looks awesome and I am not even a dog. Happy Birthday Sadie!

Anonymous said...

She is just adorable! Happy Birthday Sadie!

Shanny said...

Awwww Happy Birthday to your Baby, Sadie :)

LMAO @ "That's what she said"

I'm glad it wasn't a seizure, how scary!

Ashley said...

Lilly, my beagle, doesn't eat enough and it causes her to eat grass and throw up yellow bile. I pretty much have to make her clean her bowl like a little kid.

I didn't know dogs could get "heartburn". Learn something new every day!

Jen said...

I just love her!!! :) Emma and Fishy send their birthday wishes to Sadie. :)