Jun 24, 2013

All This Fun Equals Why I Have Been MIA

I have been dealing with a bit of writer's block recently.  But this weekend sure did change that up because of how much fun I had!  And the best way to tell you the stories is through pictures of course!

Last weekend we were away in PA celebrating a friends 30th birthday party.  It was fantastic and we cooked, we ate, we laughed, we drank, we partied, we cleaned up, and most important of all, we had a blasty blast!

 photo bestiesgirls_zps6a83c4c1.jpg
The bride-to-be, Raff, is on the left and sis-in-crime, Alexa is on the right

I also got to spend some time with sis-in-crime before she left for vacation!
 photo alexani_zps1f36673a.jpg
We are so cheeeeesy!

During the week my niece and nephew both graduated!!!!  We now have a 1st grader and Kindergarten kid!!!!!

 photo tiograduates_zps49b1c6fd.jpg

And this moment melts my heart.
 photo tionkayla_zpsb22c3200.jpg
Some bonding time with her uncle.  

Then this weekend we went to the beach to celebrate my bestie's 30th birthday as well.  Grabbed our stuff and drove down the shore to Tiki bar and it turned out to be a great beach day!

 photo tyrenni_zps3655836c.jpg
Me and my bestie aka brother Tyren! 

 photo pinacolada_zps7e79cc6f.jpg
This pina colada drink was more ice and rum than anything else. I was super buzzed when I finished that! 

Then yesterday my sister calls me up and says, "we are making a DIY slip n slide for the backyard."  Hence we got in the car and went off to Home Depot to buy some plastic, then headed to Dollar Tree to find us some foam noodles and swim stuff and the key ingredient for a DIY slip n slide, baby shampoo (no tears in case it gets into your eyes).

You should all do this. I am just saying that the amount of fun we had yesterday was ridiculous.  GROWN ADULTS went down the slide more than the kids.  I even posted my very first video in Instagram of the hubs sliding down.

 photo slipnslide1_zps82450863.jpg
During construction

 photo slipnslide3_zps127ac85e.jpg
This is when we extended the slip slide to make it even longer!!!!

 photo slipnslide2_zps6052fcb6.jpg

And to just make this post even sweeter, here is my niece giving a kiss to Sadie.

 photo kaylansadie_zps2dfd34cd.jpg
I die of cuteness overload.

Jun 14, 2013

My First Concert Experience

Yes, you read that title right.  I went to my very first concert on Wednesday night thanks to a wonderful husband who surprised me by buying tickets to see Andrea Bocelli!!!

I knew he was going to be close to home, but when I looked up tickets in the beginning, they were crazy expensive where I just couldn't justify buying them. I am sorry, but I am not going to pay $250 for a ticket. But, the hubs got an email from the Prudential Center a week before for tickets that he knew was a steal. So he bought the tickets.

The concert was fantastic!!!!!!  Our seats were AMAZING and the perfect seats.

 photo 179783_10100473608995794_1769129881_n_zpsb1194284.jpg

I have always loved Andrea Bocelli.  He is probably the best tenor with such an amazing instrument.  But to hear him live is an experience of a lifetime.  I could't stop smiling because he was that good.

I am so glad that the hubs bought tickets because I don't know when the next time would have been to hear a music icon.  This was truly an emotional experience for me. The music and love and emotion and passion he puts into singing is beyond any musician out there. He does it all with such grace that you are left in awe.

Thanks to my husband for making one of my dreams come true.  You truly understand my love for music and are willing to partake that with me.  You are my man of class. Love you.

Jun 12, 2013

That Person at the Gym

Yesterday, I was at hip hop class and I wanted to punch someone in the face.

Like bad. Like repeatedly punch them in the face. Over and over again.  BAM BAM BAM.

Why? Because this girl was talking the whole time during class. I can hear her OVER the loud music.  If you want to chat with your girlfriend about your dam pedicure and what your boyfriend did for you the other night that was "oh so sweet"... get the eff out of the class and go to a cafe.  Clearly you are not working hard enough at the hip hop class because the rest of us can  barely breathe let alone have a full blown conversation. She had the most annoying voice ever too.  PUNCH. HER. SO. HARD.

Then, someone comes late into class.  She goes off to the side in the row I was in. Somewhat next to me, but not really.  All of a sudden, this woman is in front of me.  What the eff?!?!?! STAY IN YOUR SPOT WOMAN! How the hell did you manage to glide over 5 feet and push us around that you end up in the middle of a group.  Then she kept looking back as if I was too close to her.  UH YEAH LADY, YOU ARE IN FRONT OF ME WHEN YOU STARTED NEXT TO ME FIVE FEET AWAY.  The girl in front of her turned around and said, "can you go back to your spot because we don't have room now since you squeezed yourself in.".  Ha! In your face lady!!! The rest of us who were forced to move around because she came in middle secretly were high fiving the girl who said something.  We love her. She was awesome. She stuck up for all of us.  You go girl!

And this brings me to another point during one of the Zumba classes I take.  That person who is going the completely opposite way.  All you have to do is follow the instructor who is facing forward like the rest of us.  What is so hard about that?  And what makes it easier is that the 40 other people in class are all going the same way.  So how is it that you can not for the full hour of class go the right way... screwing up the people next to you especially when our arms go flying in the air. If you get smacked in the face, I think most of the people are not going to be sympathetic because you are doing it to yourself  "backwards lady."

And note, it's not her first time at class AND she stands in front row.  Get your act together lady and follow the rest of the 40 people AND the instructor who is going to right way.

And that ends my gym rant.
Do you all encounter people like this???

Jun 11, 2013

Work Trip for Hubs Means Getaway Time for All of Us

Hubs had a conference to attend to for work down in Atlantic City.  Being the wonderful hubs he is, he looked into making it into a mini getaway for all of us to go with him.  He found a pet friendly hotel and I was sold.  So we packed the car last Wednesday and took the 2 hour trip down to AC.

Sadie was just excited that she was coming along with us!

 photo sadiecarseat_zps05a7ff99.jpg

We checked in and the hotel was so awesome that they even gave Sadie some gifts!!!

 photo hotelgifts_zps74fc2747.jpg

Hubs was going to be in the conference from 8-4 on Thursday so in the morning Sadie and I headed out to the boardwalk to get some exercise in and check it out.

 photo Sadieboardwalk_zps84b6becb.jpg

It was HOT with the sun beaming down on us and Sadie and I walked for a good 4-5 miles.  Little did we know that Sadie was NOT allowed on the boardwalk.  There are rules posted alongside (which we didn't see until later that night when we went with the hubs on boardwalk) that dogs are not allowed between Memorial Day and Labor Day. OOOPS.  So, on this getaway, Sadie and I committed a crime :::GASP:::: .  In my defense, we passed several police officers and no one said anything, instead they came up to us to say hello to the cute dog that Sadie is.   But, we definitely got to enjoy a beautiful day in AC.

 photo ACbeach_zpse2cf410a.jpg

And the hotel was awesome and so accommodating with being pet friendly.  I recommend anyone with a dog to stay at the Showboat hotel in AC.  They are the best.  Just take a look at Sadie and how much she enjoyed our room...

 photo sadiewindow1_zps7893f8aa.jpg

 photo sadiewindow2_zpsc83495b9.jpg

It was a perfect little getaway for hubs and I.  We didn't win big in the casino, but that's OK. Hopefully next time we will.

At night it was so windy that it was cold outside.  So hubs and I decided to take one of the rolling chairs to get to Caesars hotel which was all the way the opposite end of boardwalk. I was happy since I had no sweater!

 photo rollingchair_zpsfaaf2f7f.jpg

And we enjoyed every bit of it.

And to top it off, hubs surprised me by saying he bought us tickets to go see Andrea Bocelli's concert tomorrow!!!!!!!

I am one lucky woman to have this man in my life.  Love him so freaking much.

 photo hubsandi_zps81624bf9.jpg

Jun 5, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy

  • Chocolate... let's face it, it's heaven
  • Doing wedding stuff with the bride-to-be Raff yesterday.
  • Getting emotional with Raff yesterday as she was doing her hair trial... I am going to be a mess on her wedding day!
  • When Sadie gets groomed and looks this freaking adorable...
 photo sadienewhaircut_zps0093476a.jpg

  • Having dinner with my two best friends last night who I consider family. We haven't done a dinner with us in such a long time and we had so much fun.
  • Enjoying this drink at dinner last night as well...
 photo bahamarita_zps009f014e.jpg

  • The fact that I am eating french toast right now. Yum! 
  • Driving down to Atlantic City tonight for a mini getaway with the hubs!  He has a conference for work on Thursday so we decided to all go. 
  • The fact that Sadie will  be coming with us to Atlantic City thanks to pet friendly hotel, Showboat
  • Chatting with these ladies all day... Nikki, Celia, Vicki and Alexa.  Thank goodness for group chat!
  • That I will hopefully soon have answers after an ultrasound and extensive blood work was done to figure out what may be causing a low white blood cell count and high liver enzymes. Praying it's something that I can handle and fix. 
  • Mac and cheese.
  • The three new lip glosses I bought at Forever 21.
  • Watching The Ellen Show.
  • My husband. I love that man so much. 

Jun 4, 2013

My Baby Turned 2!

This lucky girl had a birthday!!!!

 photo Sadiebirthday_zps927befd0.jpg

She turned 2 on  Sunday!!!!
But let's rewind on how she gave us a little scare on Saturday.  For the past three weeks, Sadie would go out for her morning walk with me and every time, she would eat grass.. throw it up twice and then be happy as go lucky.  At first I wasn't too concerned since dogs usually do that to soothe tummy problems.  But she was doing it every day and I figured it wasn't normal, but then again, all she was throwing up was the grass she ate.  Well, Saturday I had to be gone first thing in morning so hubs was in charge of morning walk.  He calls me and asks me if when she would throw up the grass did she ever fall back and start shaking. I immediately say no and tell him to call vet because it sounded like she may have had a seizure with him.  I get home, scoop up the dog and off we go to the vet.  An hour later, we walked out of there happy campers. When hubs described the incident to vet, she was pretty confident that she it wasn't a seizure just that maybe she choked herself up when throwing up.  She did tell us to give her a quarter of a tablet of Pepcid twice a day.  She says the eating grass frequently may be a sign of acid indigestion.  So, we are going to be trying that for the next two weeks to see if that helps.  But I am just glad that she is OK and she sure did freak out her mama and pop pop.

For her birthday, we bought her a special birthday cookie treat that she devoured in about 45 seconds.
 photo Sadiesmellcookie_zps9034f978.jpg

 photo Sadiecookie_zps3d4a67a4.jpg

After she ate up her cookie, it was birthday present time!  We bought her a small basketball because Sadie loves playing with balls (that's what she said).  In the past we have bought her a soccer ball but she punctured a hole in it within 4 minutes of having it and it deflated.  She was able to get her teeth in there and walk around with the soccer ball that was bigger than her face. Ha!  We figured with the basketball it would be much harder for her to puncture it and so far we are totally WINNING!!!

 photo Sadiebirthdaypresent_zps7d6c7c7f.jpg

And after the birthday cookie and playing time, she just needed some stretching and relaxation.
 photo Sadiestretch_zps86ee3f13.jpg