May 20, 2013

When Those Bad Days Hit Ya Hard

Why hello there my friends. I sure have missed you all.
This weekend was packed with such fun times with friends and family.

First, my bestie is home from Chicago which means that I got to meet my nephew for the very first time!
Meet Nathan!

 photo IMG_20130519_144551_zpse0072a2a.jpg

 photo IMG_20130519_144838_zps5c5cb19a.jpg
Just getting in some reading while at the baby shower

How adorable is he!  They are here for a couple of weeks and I am going to soak up every moment I have with him... even when he is screaming bloody murder for some boob milk.

On Saturday night we got to hang out with the bride-to-be bestie and her hubs-to-be.  We ate at a great Thai place and then topped it off with some homemade ice cream from a place near them. I had s'mores ice cream and it was HEAVEN.

Sunday we had a baby shower aka meet the baby for Nathan.  Such a great time.

So overall, we had a fantastic weekend... but for a moment on Saturday night I completely freaked out.  We were in bed ready to go to sleep and I turned into a blubbering mess. I cried and freaked out about my job situation.  I am at a point where it's getting to be very hard to deal with on a day to day basis.  I know I shouldn't complain, which I am not.  I like to call it venting.  Your words of encouragement and support have been so awesome and thank you.  I just had a bad night and it was a shame that it was after such a great day.  But as I keep reminding myself...

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

And to end this post on a good note.. check out my hubs and pups...

 photo IMG_20130519_214807_zps37502601.jpg

 photo IMG_20130519_214235_zps501f8871.jpg
I die of cuteness! 


Jane said...

Sometimes you have to have those moments...and then its ok and you feel better. Own those moments!

Ashley said...

Ugh. I've felt that dreaded feeling. I wish there was something I could say or do that would take it away for you. Hang in there!

Amy Joy said...

Clearly Nathan is a child genius. Reading before 1 year old. ;)

Julie said...

I am having those freak out moments about jobs a lot lately, as well, so I totally feel where you are coming from. I'm not posting it on here, but on a private blog, just so its out because I feel readers are disappearing fast from my blog. But as long as its out for me, that's what matters!