May 21, 2013

Time for a Change

Happy day my friends!

Today I am going to the salon to finally get my hair done.

Pretty sure I don't look so great with dark roots almost half way down my head with faded color on bottom half and eyebrows that may or may not be talking to you with jazz fingers.

I am just hoping that I resist the urge to chop off most of my hair. And I have yet an idea of what color I should try next.

Hubs is also probably terrified of what he will find when he comes home since I have a track record of completely shocking him, both for good and bad.  Like that one time I chopped my hair from being down to my butt to short bob and going from dark brown to blonde. Needless to say he wasn't too happy.

So, I will let you make some guesses as to how I will look like when I leave that salon today.  Winner gets a cupcake.


Ashley said...

I've never has my hair done professionally - mostly because I'd be horrible at upkeep.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with it!

Shanny said...

Oh yay!!! fun ;)
I got my hair highlighted a week ago but nothing too drastic... now I'm curious about your poor hubby. Will he have a jump of joy or a mini freak out? lol

lil desiqua said...

Haven't you heard? Having roots halfway down your head is the "ombre"... haha! I saw the new hair on IG-- love it!