May 23, 2013

That Will Not Brush Your Teeth

First, because many of you have asked.... check out the new do!

 photo newhairdo_zps3ed724e0.jpg
oh hey! 

I am loving it. I think it's perfect for the summer.  Remind me that I posted that last sentence because give me a month and I sure as hell won't be happy about the upkeep for this hair color is going to be.

Anyways... Here's another beauty of a pic for you.

 photo chewytoothbrush_zps0e849bcb.jpg
what the what?

Um... ewww. This is what we found at a bathroom in a movie theater. People pay for that.  If I saw this as a club I probably wouldn't have paid any mind to it because when you're at a club the possibility of hooking up is about 80% and I am sure it will help kick out the alcohol breath.  But in a movie theater?  Now I know people have date nights when they go see a movie but still. It just didn't make sense.  And how is it that this can't be compared to gum, but you chew it like gum?  For that, I will buy myself some gum.

You can't call that a tooth brush if you aren't scrubbing anything.  There's still GOOP on your teeth that NEEDS to be scrubbed off..... this is not doing that.

I still can't get over this!
What crazy stuff have you found in bathrooms that are up for sale besides the tampons/pads and condoms?


Anonymous said...

Squeeeee!!! I love it! It looks fab!

Ashley said...

The stuff people come up with... somebody got rich off that idea though! LOL.

Jane said...

Like a minty chewable loofah?