May 24, 2013

It's Wedding Bells Time!!!!

I am so excited for this weekend because my good friend, Justyna, who I call "friend" is getting married!!!!!!

I have met her at my very first real job, and we have kept in touch since.  Her wedding is going to be on Sunday and I am so excited for her because she is beyond happy.  Her guy, Martin, is amazing and you can see the love oozing out of them when they are together. They compliment each other so well.

I am so happy to see how blessed they are.

Trust me, Monday you will  be getting tons of pictures of the beautiful bride and handsome groom and of course pictures of yours truly... because it's my blog and I can.


Besides that, we have a low key weekend thanks to a rainy weather forecast for today and tomorrow.  But we will still enjoy it with our friends and family.

Now, I am off to help sis move some stuff into her new apartment which is closer to me so clearly I am ecstatic!

Have an awesome weekend my loves!


Jen said...

Have so much fun!!!! :)

Unknown said...

Have fun! I LOVE weddings <3 can't wait for pictures!