Apr 16, 2013

Let's Talk Zumba Class and My First Time

Yesterday I went to my first Zumba class at the gym.  This was the first fitness class I have ever tried at the gym.

I was super shy when walking in. I went half hour before the class started and went upstairs to the bikes to warm up... this really meant go upstairs and find the bike that looked onto the class room below and see who walks in and when a good time for me to go was.  Yeah, I totally thought this out before I even left my house to the gym.

I am a shy person.  I don't feel comfortable talking to strangers at first. I have always been shy so this going into a room knowing no one was giving me a lot of anxiety.  But I did it. I walked in and asked a guy that was there, is there where Zumba is.  His response: "I don't know. I am just using the room to stretch and use the yoga ball." Great, so I walk in and see another girl and ask her.  Turns out it's her first time too.  So we stick together!  More gals and guys walk in and are talking about Zumba so I am like " OK, we are in the right place at right time."

 The ladies in the first row won't shut up. They are all so giddy and super excited to be there. Clearly, they are Zumba regulars because once class started they knew every step.  Meanwhile, me, the SPANISH chick can't even get some of these merengue moves down. What the hell is wrong with me?  I dance to this all the time at parties but here I am like a retard not knowing my left and right. Anyways, I suffered continued through the class.  AT LEAST I DIDN'T FALL ON MY FACE OR FAINT.  So, winning!

But let's talk about the people who are in the class.  You have the regulars who can shake their booty in sync with the instructor.  Then you have the newbies, like me, that are just trying to figure out left to right.  Then you have the old man that was next to me.  I was a bit creeped out because let's face it, any guy in Zumba is there to look at our asses.  But this old guy was genuinely trying to do the dance moves, so it was cute after awhile.  Then I have this older woman next to me who came to the class 20 MINUTES LATE and she literally stood right next to me.  Lady, it's called personal space and in Zumba it is a bit wider because we are dancing and moving around.  She was literally on top of me. It was annoying that eventually with all the moving around we did, she ended up in my original spot and I got pushed to the back. Well, she went to take a sip of water and you better believe I took my spot back.  Get out of my Zumba space lady or I will "accidentally" punch you. Thank you very much.

All in all, it was fun and today my body feels like it got hit by a 18 wheeler.  But that means it's working right?  Oh, and the other best part of Zumba was that I got to try out my new sneakers!!!

 photo 45302_10100451395901014_1564556269_n_zps9e85270f.jpg
Loving my New Balance sneaks! 



Jamie Hirujo said...

They have a Zumba in the dark class in town and I'm pretty sure that's the ONLY way I would try it! But way to go for doing something outside the "comfort" zone! I wouldn't LOL

Britt said...

Ahahaha omg I did Zumba ONCE...never again. Our teacher was like a legit back-up dancer. I didn't even have a chance.

Ashley said...

Good for you! Get out of that comfort zone!

Julann said...

My best friend dragged me one day and it was some pretty hilarious sh*t! I have two left feet, cannot dance at all and all I did the entire time is stand in the back and laugh. Needless to say she never took me again!

Jen said...

Hahaha awesome! I've never done Zumba, just not my cup of tea. So glad you went and did it though that's awesome!

Kate @ Classy Living said...

YAY! I'm so proud of you!!! Those Zumba attendees can be pretty hardcore, so just steer clear of them and let them have their space because they love to try and outshine everyone by standing in the front!

lil desiqua said...

They were offering a class at my job so I went with a few coworkers- it was sooo much fun! Definitely the only way to get me to exercise is if there's dancing involved! Definitely need space though- glad you got your spot back!

Unknown said...

I always enjoy reading your post -
i am yet to try Zumba but everyone
seems to love it. Good Luck with the job search.