Apr 22, 2013

I'm Cheating

On my husband that it is.

NO, SILLY.  But kind of.  Well, not the way you are thinking. And I am not that kind of girl. I LOVE my husband and I am not leaving, whether that is a plus or negative for him is beyond my control.  He is stuck with me.  Right hubs? xoxoxo

Anyways, I am having another relationship while I am home during the day since I have yet to find a job.  So this gives me time to get my shit together which shit = getting healthy.  So, I go to the gym and my new lover's name is Zumba, and Latin Heat, and Hip Hop.  Get a load of me, playing the hubs dirty with not 1, but 3 lovers.  :::balling:::

So, yeah I have been taking the classes at my gym to see which ones I like best and I am now hooked.  And today was awesome because I kicked Zumba's ass and made him my BITCH.  In your face Zumba. Try to trick me with your quick sexual moves, well guess what honey, I am onto to you and at least two steps ahead of you.  Yeah, how do you like them apples?

I wish I would have taken classes before because clearly it's my gym thing. It gets me to the gym and moving. Winning!

Also, this weekend was super fun.  I spent the Saturday with family who was visiting and boy did we laugh.  Then that night hubs and I had Red Bulls Soccer game.  We are season ticket holders and so glad hubs decided to do it because I thoroughly enjoying going. It's a special time for hubs and I and it's close to home with little traffic going in and getting out.

 photo IMG_20130420_193817_zps7ce063ee.jpg
Thank goodness for the scarves they give us as season ticket holders because it was chilly that night. Apparently Spring decided she needed to take a nap and had winter babysit.

Sunday I got to meet up with some girl friends that I haven't seen in a while.  We went to an awesome Italian restaurant then to a cafe for coffee and dessert.  While getting ready, I decided to blow dry my curly hair with a diffuser and I am astonished at how much hair I have!
 photo IMG_20130421_141226_zpscbb16122.jpg
Yes, those are my natural curls. I am learning to embrace them. 

And I DEVOURED and felt the sugar coursing through my body after I had the guilty pleasure of eating and drinking this...
 photo IMG_20130421_182100_zps1f3305bd.jpg
S'mores Latte = Sweet like Channing Tatum. yum. 

 photo IMG_20130421_182345_zps1b982a4c.jpg
Tiramisu... sweet like The Rock

Driving through my town you see a lot of Cherry Blossom trees!
 photo IMG_20130419_160012_zpsc1447cb9.jpg
So pretty

And a weekend cuddling with Sadie is always a perfect weekend!
 photo IMG_20130421_110315_zps91552579.jpg
Sadie = unconditional love


Jen said...

Oh that tiramisu looks AMAZING!!! I must have. haha.

Sunshinemeg said...

Your hair is gorgeous! Wow! I am in love with it! And zumba rocks. I recently discovered it too and look forward to every class I go to. You should see my step ball change! HA!

Julann said...

I showed Spawn your hair and she asked if you just got a perm. Spawn has a TON of hair, but it is all stairght. I would love to have curly hair or wavy or anything but friz. Yours is beautiful

Ashley said...

I wish I had the courage to join a gym... keep up the good work! :)

Shanny said...

I knew you'd like Zumba!

You hair is amazing, show it off girl ;)

lil desiqua said...

Love the curls!

Nikki said...

I am so damn proud of you you have no idea,