Apr 8, 2013

Bittersweet Weekend

Happy Monday my loves!

Well, I hope your weekend was fantastic.  Mine was bittersweet.  By Friday, I found out that 3 people I knew passed away.  It just wasn't a great way to start the weekend, but we must move forward.  Friday I was just out of sorts.  I ended up cleaning the apt because I needed to keep myself busy... but two people passed away on Friday and I got those phone calls within 2 hours of each other.  Needless to say the cleaning was done and phone calls had to be made to deliver the news and check up on family and friends.  By the time 7 o'clock came I was just so done with the day, I had no focus and just wanted to curl up on the couch and watch TV to get my mind off of things. I ask for prayers for the families and friends who are going through a tough time this week as they bury their loved ones.

What helped get over the sadness, this weekend happened to be Wrestlemania which we had tickets for.  It was fantastic and I had such a great time with the hubs!  The set was AMAZING and the show was awesome entertainment.  Diddy even performed.  I will share pictures with you tomorrow!

And today, Jersey is getting a GOOD feel of spring weather!  I just got back from the park.  I took Sadie to the dog park and then dragged her along with me for a 2 mile walk.  She did fantastic!  BUT, she is currently on our bed sprawled out EXHAUSTED.... it's hard for my 8 pound yorkiepoo with her short little legs.  I am pretty confident she will be sleeping for the rest of the day.  Little does she know that tomorrow it's suppose to be nice again too and we are heading back to the park for our daily exercise.

I'm off to eat some lunch aka bagel bites.  Hope the rest of your Monday is fab.

Also, thanks to all those who had my family and friends in their prayers. xoxo


jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

i am back in NJ for a few days, and yes! it IS nice outside! had lunch on a picnic table outside my office and actually had to move to the shade because i was so hot. i suppose it's a good problem to have on the 8th of april ;)



Nikki said...

Sad Panda! Love ya!

Julann said...

Oh... sweetie I am so sorry. That sucks! Lots of prayers to you and their families.

lil desiqua said...

Bagel bites are one of my guilty pleasures- such a "kid" food but I love them!
Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way!

Ashley said...

I love going to the dog park!

I'm sorry about your losses. :(

Its All Geek To Me 27 said...

Did you see Snooki & Jianni when you were there? We watched XXIX from our couch last night lol

Kathryn said...

So sorry for all your bad news on Friday.

Jen said...

:( So sorry that you got so much bad news on friday. Hugs friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about the losses. 3 in a day is in no way easy to deal with.
Glad you enjoyed BEING at wrestlemania! Have some bagel bites for me! NOM NOM!

Shanny said...

So sorry about the losses. Big hugs and prayers to the families.