Mar 25, 2013

The things that are said at a bloggy meet-up

So these are the things that are said at a bloggy meet-up...

  • "Let those Lebanese people know my suggestion" - I mean to say Les Mills people
  • "Tweeter" - I meant Twitter
  • Nikki: "What are you doing tonight?"  Me: "I don't know.  Husband kept asking me what time I'll be home. I said around 8. So I'm sure he wants to do something tonight" Nikki: "Hump?" Me: " Nah, it's that time of the month. womp womp"  Nikki: "Why don't you hump while humping?"  Me: :::confused face::: what?
  • Nikki: "Do you want a pickle?" Me: "Nope, got one at home waiting for me." Cue: giggles
  • Me: "862.."  Nikki YELLING " 867-5309"
  • Russel, who is our awesome waiter who promised us he will read our blogs, was the most awesome waiter!  HI RUSSELL.  Nikki had a crush on him.  She would constantly be yelling and/or whispering for him.  Nikki: "Is the apple cobbler warm?" Russell: "I'll warm it up for just for you."
  • Me: "Shit, where are my notes!?!?!"
  • Katie: "We are sexy bitches with unpooped cherries."
  • Me: "Is that like 1st  base in online dating world?"
  • Nikki: "Oh Katie, I am getting a tattoo on Saturday." Katie: "What are you getting?"  Me: YELLING.. "MY FACE!" 
  • Me: "This is how we avoid little Kenya's running around."  As I pop in birth control.
  • Nikki: "I used to like a lot of things I don't like anymore, but I still like dick!"
  • Me: "This music makes me wanna river dance."
  • Russell: "What are we doing?"  Nikki:  YELLING ... "you!!"
  • Me: " I just swallowed a lemon seed, does that mean a lemon tree is gonna grow in my belly?"
  • Katie: "Does anyone want to go to hipster party?"
  • Nikki... all night long whispering : "Russell"
Um yeah... these are quotes from our day.  Some I leave it to your imagination  to figure out the context.  Good luck.  

But seriously, we had such a great time.  Nikki wrote an awesome post which includes pictures too.  We tweeted and instagrammed our pics, make sure you check out my twitter and instagram!! 

We want to do another NJ blogger meet-up again in May.. this gives everyone more than enough time to plan appropriately.  So, please e-mail your thoughts on a date that would be good for you to meet.  We would love to meet more of you!!! 

and again, HI RUSSELL... Also, Russell, tell Molly Maguire's to check their twitter feed.... I tweeted them and also about how awesome you were! See you soon! 


Nikki said...


Mary Long said...

When my daughter was approx. 8 she asked me what those pills were for ( BC ) and I told her I take them so that I do not have any more little her's running around.
LOL - My husband was like "DON'T TELL HER THAT!
HAHAHAHA - I forgot about that until now -
Sounds like you had a great time!

Julann said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! We need something like this in San Diego!

Its All Geek To Me 27 said...

I think having a meet up more in Central Jersey would benefit more "Jersey" bloggers to come to a meet up, ya know.

I'm glad you guys had a BLAST!!!!!

Julie said...

I wish I could find some stl area bloggers... sounds like you had a blast!

Ashley said...

The next meet-up should road trip to Indiana! ;)