Mar 12, 2013

Shopped till I dropped

What's up bloggy peeps!!!
How was your weekend?

Mine was fantastic.  On Saturday we went to the Outlets in PA.  Now, I hate to shop. It's just not my cup of tea.  BUT, show me a Coach outlet store where I won't EVER pay for a bag in FULL price to make it more justifiable... then I am on it like white on rice.

Hence... this happened
 photo 733753_10100438054048194_1565495194_n_zps12c432de.jpg

This purchase was bought because the fine people at Coach gave me a coupon for 65% off clearance items and 50% off regular sale.


Then... we went into a watch store where they had 2 bins filled with watches ranging from all different styles and different prices.  The beauty.. no matter the price on tag, they were on sale for $20.  Cue me digging in looking for a new addition to my wrist.

Hello beauty...
 photo 554880_10100438195779164_1842414735_n_zpsfecf70ad.jpg

And I also bought a grill pan and a dutch pot.  And those two purchases actually made me giddy as well.

I am IN LOVE with the black band on the watch.

Overall, I had a good shopping experience! Which let's face it, is a big thing for this non-shopping girl.

OOOOOOO and for my NJ  blogger friends (and NYC too!)... I am going to host a NJ Blogger meet-up.  Please come so I don't feel like a total failure on trying to plan this.... pretty please?

 photo d7e94ddd-b043-4a87-8bae-efe943891eb6_zps3525d174.jpg

Please share this blog post via FB, Twitter, Google+, regular mail.... whatever floats your boat. The more the merrier! 

Hope you can join us!  Email me to let me know if you are coming.  The location will be based on who is coming so we can try to make it a middle meeting place. 

Eeeek.. so excited! 


Jen said...

Oh how I love a Coach Outlet...can't go wrong with never paying full price.

Nikki said...

Sooooonwheres the pic of the new bag missy?!? I live the watch! I should be good for the meet up.

Kim said...

I'm such a sucker for Coach ANYTHING. Good shopping day! :)

Ashley said...

If only I lived in NJ!

Shanny said...

Oh my goodness, I'm not a shopping person either... except for those few times I make it to outlets too, Coach you say? I have an awesome purse of awesome price from last year *love*

Charity said...

I would love to join you. Send me an email and let me know. I am coming back to NY on the 20th of March. I would love to get you know you.