Mar 1, 2013

Hubs 30th!

Happy Friday!!!!

I am excited for today because it is the hubs 30th birthday!!!!

Happy 30th birthday to the best husband in the world!!! I feel so blessed to have found true love in your arms.  I feel so proud to call you my husband.  May you be blessed with all that you have ever dreamt of.  I love you with all my heart.

 photo 481f1c43-e9ff-481e-afb3-e440f42ab587_zpsfcd95942.jpg
Hubs and I
Today, we are having a nice relaxing day and going to dinner tonight. Tomorrow I will be in full party hostess mode as we are having our close friends over to celebrate his birthday!!!!  Which also means I have a shit ton of things to do between today and tomorrow..... eeeek.

AND.... on Monday, this little internet space of mine here will have a BRAND NEW SPANKING LOOK thanks to super duper adorable and talented Cari over at The Printed Peach Blog.  She gets the award for being most awesome person to work with.  Her creative mind was reading my mind.. I swear everything she proposed I loved!!!  Now that's a good quality to have in a designer!!!!!!  So make sure you send her some love and you will get a sneak peak at my blog design over on her post today!

So, this weekend the blog will go private as Cari does her super genius bloggy thing and installs the new design.  But, Monday I will be back with the new design and updates on how the hubs 30th birthday party went!

I'm off to get ready for another interview I have today, so have a great weekend my friends!


Julie said...

Happy birthday to your hubby! I threw my hubby a surprise 30th, which was the same year we were getting married and kick started all our wedding drama (bc of where the party was held, former bridesmaid etc). Good luck with the prep, you'll get it all done!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I hope the party is amazing tomorrow and I can't wait to see your new look. :)

Jamie Hirujo said...

happy birthday to your hubby!

Ashley said...

Tell your husband happy birthday for me!

I can't wait to see the new look!

lil desiqua said...

Exciting things happening! Happy birthday to Mr. Hubs! Have a great weekend- can't wait to see the new look!