Mar 4, 2013

Check out my new blog look!

Hello there my loves!!!!

Welcome to the new design of Life with Giggles!

So, how much do you LOVE my new blog design look?!?!?!?!

Cari over at Cari Thomas Designs did it!!!! She is awesome to work with.  I HIGHLY (as in don't go to anyone else but her for your blog designs) recommend her for all  your design needs.  Why you ask?  Well, because...

  • She is beautiful and super duper adorable.... check out her blog, The Printed Peach
  • She has lots of patience!  
  • Her creative mind somehow starts reading your mind... it's crazy.  Everything I was thinking about for the design, she automatically knew without me telling her.  
  • She knows her stuff.
  • She keeps you up to date on every step and is open to any suggestions you have and is willing to work with you with her creativity and yours.  Awesome sauce. 
  • Her work equals magic... magic as in a great design that is more than you expect... because that's how good she is as a designer.
I am so grateful that I was able to work with her.

Cari, THANK YOU for this amazeballs of a design and for working with me!!!!  XOXO

My favorite part of this new design is that freaking awesome "find me here" social media sidebar section... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 

Go give Cari some love on FacebookTwitter, Blog and Pinterest!


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for all the love! I had so much fun with this design. Enjoy!

Britt said...

Cute! I love the purple.

Shanny said...

OMG it's awesome, I love it!!!

Julie said...

I love it - but I love the color purple no matter how it is :)

Nikki said...


Jen said...

It looks awesome!!! I love it. :)

Allyssa said...

It looks great! I really love the colors :)

Kathryn said...

Love your new look!

Ashley said...

Love it... especially the whimsy of the social media icons!

Helene said...

it is gorgeous!!
Helene in Between

lilshrimpit said...

I love it!!! My favorite colors too :D