Mar 28, 2013

Shitty day with smooshed boobs

First, how awesome is that title?

Well, yesterday was pure shitty day.  Like major shitty day.  Remember that job that I have had 8 interviews for and REALLY wanted to get...well, I didn't get it.

cue: tears

It sucks. I am unhappy.  I made it to the top 2. He said it was a tough decision because we both were great. Well, guess the other person was GREATER than me.

I am sad. I cried. I was angry. I am just _______.   I don't know. I tried really hard to not get excited about this job... but it was hard after 3 months of talking with them.  The work I put into the presentation down the tubes. The time spent preparing for each interview, down the tubes.  But it is what it is. Guess I just need to get over it.  But I am sorry, it's not as easy done as said.  But hell, onto the next opportunity.  Looking forward to what else is out there to challenge me.

What made yesterday a bit bearable was that I had a massage date with Nikki and Alexa today. Talk about perfect timing.  I got there ready for relaxation.  Boy did I get it.  My masseuse was great too. She applied the perfect pressure.

But let's talk about the not so great thing about getting a massage.  Let's start with the boob smooshing.  This of course applies to ladies who have big knockers like I do.  When you lay stomach down, I feel like my boobs are getting a mammogram.  No joke.  My full size C breasts turn into patties... then into thin pancakes when the masseuse starts to work on my back.  Why don't they have holes for boobs like they do for your face?  It's logical.  And would make us big knocker woman MUCH happier.  And the boobies I am sure would love the breathing room.

Maybe I should invent the next generation massage table... with holes for boobies.  They would probably sell  like hot cakes!  And then I can become rich and get free massages every day.

Hmmm.... I think I need to start planning this out.

For you NJ bloggers... check it out!!! We gave a month's notice so everyone can plan now! Block the day off and get ready to network with other NJ bloggers!

 photo NJmeetupmay4_zps706f0392.jpg

Mar 25, 2013

The things that are said at a bloggy meet-up

So these are the things that are said at a bloggy meet-up...

  • "Let those Lebanese people know my suggestion" - I mean to say Les Mills people
  • "Tweeter" - I meant Twitter
  • Nikki: "What are you doing tonight?"  Me: "I don't know.  Husband kept asking me what time I'll be home. I said around 8. So I'm sure he wants to do something tonight" Nikki: "Hump?" Me: " Nah, it's that time of the month. womp womp"  Nikki: "Why don't you hump while humping?"  Me: :::confused face::: what?
  • Nikki: "Do you want a pickle?" Me: "Nope, got one at home waiting for me." Cue: giggles
  • Me: "862.."  Nikki YELLING " 867-5309"
  • Russel, who is our awesome waiter who promised us he will read our blogs, was the most awesome waiter!  HI RUSSELL.  Nikki had a crush on him.  She would constantly be yelling and/or whispering for him.  Nikki: "Is the apple cobbler warm?" Russell: "I'll warm it up for just for you."
  • Me: "Shit, where are my notes!?!?!"
  • Katie: "We are sexy bitches with unpooped cherries."
  • Me: "Is that like 1st  base in online dating world?"
  • Nikki: "Oh Katie, I am getting a tattoo on Saturday." Katie: "What are you getting?"  Me: YELLING.. "MY FACE!" 
  • Me: "This is how we avoid little Kenya's running around."  As I pop in birth control.
  • Nikki: "I used to like a lot of things I don't like anymore, but I still like dick!"
  • Me: "This music makes me wanna river dance."
  • Russell: "What are we doing?"  Nikki:  YELLING ... "you!!"
  • Me: " I just swallowed a lemon seed, does that mean a lemon tree is gonna grow in my belly?"
  • Katie: "Does anyone want to go to hipster party?"
  • Nikki... all night long whispering : "Russell"
Um yeah... these are quotes from our day.  Some I leave it to your imagination  to figure out the context.  Good luck.  

But seriously, we had such a great time.  Nikki wrote an awesome post which includes pictures too.  We tweeted and instagrammed our pics, make sure you check out my twitter and instagram!! 

We want to do another NJ blogger meet-up again in May.. this gives everyone more than enough time to plan appropriately.  So, please e-mail your thoughts on a date that would be good for you to meet.  We would love to meet more of you!!! 

and again, HI RUSSELL... Also, Russell, tell Molly Maguire's to check their twitter feed.... I tweeted them and also about how awesome you were! See you soon! 

Mar 22, 2013

So glad it's over

Happy Friday everyone!

I just realized that this Friday is almost over!

Today I had the presentation (8th interview) for this job that I would love.  But I was freaking out, well because it's nerve wracking to  begin with just having to go to an interview, it's even more nerve wracking when it's the 8th time you met with people from the company and they have you present their company.  Cue: Panic mode.

Well, I am glad it's over.  How did it go?  Well, I think it went good.  There was a part that I know I could have done better... but overall I know I did my best.  The curve ball they threw at me after the presentation was a white board session which I led.  I had no idea about this part, cue: even more panic.  But I had to put my big girl panties on and do my best.  I think I rocked the white board session and hopefully they think I did too.

So, now we wait to what I think was the last interview. I hope they make a decision sooner than later because I don't think I can handle waiting... I have been talking with them since the end of December.  Yeah... that long.

Then of course I come home and cue the start of a migraine.  I just went to sleep... for about 3 hours.  At least the migraine started after the interview.

Hey, if you are a NJ/NY blogger, come to the meet-up tomorrow!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!

Mar 21, 2013

NJ/NY Blogger meetup on Saturday!


Don't forget the meet-up THIS SATURDAY!!!!

 photo Marchbloggermeetup_zpsd0f4387c.jpg

I hope you can all make it.  Nikki and I are excited to meet everyone!
We will be meeting up at Molly Maguire's.

When you get there, look for BALLOONS!!!!

Hope you can all make it!!!

Mar 19, 2013

I almost peed my pants at dinner

Catchy title huh?  Well, it is about 99.9% sure.

Here's the thing... last night I met up some girlfriends for dinner. I think I laughed from the minute I got there to cleaning off the snow on my car when I was heading home.

Oh my lord did we have a good time.  I was with Ms. Networking... and to protect the other people I was with we are going to call them Ms. Intruder, Ms. Chilean and Mrs. Criss Cross Applesauce.  I will explain the names....

Ms. Networking
Well, you all know that this girl is my sis-in-crime.  She was technically the hubs best friend... but I like to think that I stole her from hubs when I came in the picture.  But shh.... we don't want hubs to figure that out.  She made me almost pee my pants last night by telling us the story of how she got a black eye.  She says it was a door.... I told her I would join her to a meeting for support.  BUT, she actually did get hit by a door... like 100% truth. But this is the thing, she posts this on FB about her black eye, so naturally we all ask what happened and she says "got hit by a door"... UMMMM.... that's one of the excuses that is used the most in certain instances... so yeah, we were like what?  Then we found out it was true.  Cue making fun of her all night long.  So, needless to say she is now avoiding doors at all costs but apparently they have a thing for her.

Ms. Intruder
Oh man guys... she legit made me laugh every second with her awesome stories.  This girl started off the night telling us about the house she put an offer on that was right around the corner from where we were having dinner.  She legit has gone back to the house, WITHOUT her realtor... and "broke" into the empty house... WITH A TAP LIGHT!!!  LMAO.... Just picture it. Her inside an empty house walking around with a tap light figuring out how to decorate while showing the house to her friend.  So, that's how she got her name.  Oh, then she told us a story about how she SLAMMED right into a glass... in a hotel lobby... where tons of people saw her.  But what was even funnier when she said "I hit so hard that I thought something hit me."

Ms. Chilean
This is the Russian girl... who happens to be dating a cute Chilean guy.  Her story is that she was at dinner with her boyfriend and his family.  Let's just say that she blurted out a comment before thinking how it was going to be received..... and everyone was thinking of the two of them.. in a risque action. HA! And her little snippets all night... priceless.

Mrs. Criss Cross Applesauce
We are all chatting and looking at a video where Ms. Intruder is being filmed doing magic tricks (yeah... magic, while drinking. It was hilarious) who happens to  be sitting indian style.  Well, Mrs. Criss Cross Applesauce mentioned that the "kids" don't call it indian style anymore becuase it's racist and inappropriate blah blah blah... but the new slang is criss cross applesauce. That's what they call it. She had to text her sister who is at school where she is learning all the new slang.  She has taught me some new sayings while I stared at her in disbelief that this officially meant that I am old because I had no idea!

It was such a great night and they invited me to join them next time.  So I totally felt super duper special.  :)

My friends are awesome.

Blogger Meet-Up this Saturday!

Hello my bloggy peeps!

How is your day going so far? Here in Jersey, we got about 2 inches of snow, ice, and rain all mixed together... it's a big ole slushy mess.

BUT, I am excited to share with you all the information for this Saturday's blogger meet-up!!!!!

 photo Marchbloggermeetup_zpsd0f4387c.jpg

I hope you can all make it.  Nikki and I are excited to meet everyone!
We will be meeting up at Molly Maguire's.  This seems to  be a middle point for everyone who responded.  I made it earlier in the day so everyone has enough time to get  back home without it being too late.

So, let Nikki and I know if you are coming.

And when you get there, look for BALLOONS!!!!  But shhh, don't tell Nikki yet... she has no idea that I will  be thoroughly embarrassing the both of us while we wait for you all!  In my defense, I did say join us for laughs and giggles... best to start it as soon as you walk in the door!

Hope you can all make it!!!

Mar 15, 2013

This took place in literally 5 mins....

my thoughts....

  • What on earth should I make for dinner tonight?!?!?
  • I am so glad I bought that Moroccan Argon oil for half off.. .that shit works real good with my hair.
  • Where's the dog?
  • SADIE, SADIE... oh, there you are right next to me. 
  • I can really go for a pina colada right now... should I run to the grocery store to buy the stuff to make it for myself?
  • I probably shouldn't  be day drinking during the day at home by myself. Doesn't look good. 
  • Did the Sadie pee when I took her out?  Sadie, did you pee outside?
  • Why is it so freaking cold outside... where the hell are you Spring?
  • I am so glad I found a dress for the party on Sunday. 
  • Why do I have major heartburn right now... ugh this sucks. 
  • I'm tired.. .maybe I can take nap before the hubs comes home.
  • What the hell do I make for dinner. 
  • Dogs sure do sleep a lot... there's Sadie again knocked out. 
  • I think I am going to take a nap. 

Mar 13, 2013

These are my confessions...

I will give you a minute to finish up singing the Usher song in your head after you read that title.

Here we are, Wednesday... and I am linking up with Catalyn over at Confessions of a Northern Belle for Confessions

Here it goes,


  • I was suppose to go to the 8th interview today for that one job that I REALLY want where I was suppose to do a presentation.  It got cancelled and moved to next week and I was NOT happy.
  • As soon as the hubs walked out that door for work today after I crawled back into bed of getting the news my presentation was cancelled, I legit balled next to my dog while she licked my tears off of my face. 
  • I am BEYOND frustrated with this specific job interviewing process. There is nothing worse than for a week freaking out about a presentation that I have changed 50 million times and the night before the said presentation being happy that it will be over..... then BAM, another anxiety filled week. 
  • I am TERRIFIED what I will go through if I don't get this job.... I have been talking to them since mid December and have been on 7 interviews. So much time and effort has been put into this, I will be crushed if I don't get it. 
  • I feel embarrassed about not working right now, even though I know it was out of my control.  Let's face it... friends judge whether they realize it or not. 
  • that I need to be a better wife to the hubs. That man has patience.  And I feel like I let him down while I am at home now.  
  • That statement above got me teary eyed. 
  • today is not a good day for me, but tomorrow is another day and I pledge to make it better.
  • that I am not looking forward to the next 2 hours where I will continue job searching and applying.
What do you confess to?

Mar 12, 2013

Shopped till I dropped

What's up bloggy peeps!!!
How was your weekend?

Mine was fantastic.  On Saturday we went to the Outlets in PA.  Now, I hate to shop. It's just not my cup of tea.  BUT, show me a Coach outlet store where I won't EVER pay for a bag in FULL price to make it more justifiable... then I am on it like white on rice.

Hence... this happened
 photo 733753_10100438054048194_1565495194_n_zps12c432de.jpg

This purchase was bought because the fine people at Coach gave me a coupon for 65% off clearance items and 50% off regular sale.


Then... we went into a watch store where they had 2 bins filled with watches ranging from all different styles and different prices.  The beauty.. no matter the price on tag, they were on sale for $20.  Cue me digging in looking for a new addition to my wrist.

Hello beauty...
 photo 554880_10100438195779164_1842414735_n_zpsfecf70ad.jpg

And I also bought a grill pan and a dutch pot.  And those two purchases actually made me giddy as well.

I am IN LOVE with the black band on the watch.

Overall, I had a good shopping experience! Which let's face it, is a big thing for this non-shopping girl.

OOOOOOO and for my NJ  blogger friends (and NYC too!)... I am going to host a NJ Blogger meet-up.  Please come so I don't feel like a total failure on trying to plan this.... pretty please?

 photo d7e94ddd-b043-4a87-8bae-efe943891eb6_zps3525d174.jpg

Please share this blog post via FB, Twitter, Google+, regular mail.... whatever floats your boat. The more the merrier! 

Hope you can join us!  Email me to let me know if you are coming.  The location will be based on who is coming so we can try to make it a middle meeting place. 

Eeeek.. so excited! 

Mar 7, 2013

My blog crushes!

Happy Thursday!!!

I am here to share with you my blog crushes!!! Erin over at Living in Yellow came up with this idea.

Here we go...

MOST AWESOME BLOG goes to Nikki over at My Life My Way. She is like my awesome sister.  We both love to be awesome and are not afraid to show it.  But seriously, she is so inspiring! From her weight loss story of how she lost a gazillion pounds to her making me laugh with all the times she uses the word "girlfriend" in her posts.  

BLOG THAT WILL MAKE YOU PEE YOUR PANTS FUNNY goes to both Raven at Don't Quote the Raven and Kristen at First Name Smith.  These two gals are freaking hilarious and say it like it is.  No filter in their blog lands... you have been warned.  

THE MOST GENUINE BLOGS EVER... goes to both Lindsey over at Learning to  be a Wife and Jen at The Adventures of our Army Life. I have been following Lindsey from when I first started blogging and she is just the sweetest person ever who always write the most meaningful posts about her life.  I have recently fell in love with Jen who has just moved into a new house.  I am pretty sure we were meant to be internet besties.  She is more than just sweet, like super sweet and is always thinking positive thoughts no matter what life throws at her. 

FUNNY MOM BLOG goes to Jules over at My Mom's a Whack Job! She is super duper funny and has no problem in throwing her kids under the bus.  I secretly want to be a mom like her whenever I have kids. 

MOST LOVABLE BLOGS goes to both Catalyn over at Confessions of a Northern Belle and Brittany over at First Comes Love.  These two gals are always on my must read list.  They are funny and honest in their posts.  They share both their good and bad personality traits.  And they always have pictures that will make you smile. One loves to cook, the other loves to bake.  They will make you jealous of their ways! 

Who are your blog crushes???

Mar 6, 2013

I confess...

Oh it's confession time.  Come join as well over at Catalyn's blog Confessions of a Northern Belle!!!

I confess... that I acted like I was 21 years old on Friday while we were out celebrating hubs 30th birthday.  Boy did I pay for that shit on Saturday morning after a terrible migraine and throwing up.  Worse hangover ever! And the best part, I had to get our apt ready for the 30th birthday party.... hardest thing to do with a hangover!

I confess... that today I don't plan on doing anything, no job hunting, no working on presentation... I plan to catch up on Scandal because I am addicted.  And hopefully clean up somewhere in between.

I confess... that these wind gusts we are having are freaking me out!! All I see outside my window is the trees swaying back and forth.

I confess... that I am OVER winter and would really like Spring to pay NJ a visit, like yesterday.

I confess... that I have been craving ice cream cake all week... but haven't given in to the temtpation.  Go me!

I confess... that the only reason I really love hockey games is because I like to see them fight on the ice!
 photo 9b5f4581-6083-4b07-b3ce-afec5f884883_zps3f2783e2.jpg

I confess... that I really love taking selfies... and I don't care what other people think.
 photo c33445a4-cfd8-4ed4-ae10-5bc7e0eb8c26_zps96c8ea09.jpg

What are your confessions?

Mar 4, 2013

Check out my new blog look!

Hello there my loves!!!!

Welcome to the new design of Life with Giggles!

So, how much do you LOVE my new blog design look?!?!?!?!

Cari over at Cari Thomas Designs did it!!!! She is awesome to work with.  I HIGHLY (as in don't go to anyone else but her for your blog designs) recommend her for all  your design needs.  Why you ask?  Well, because...

  • She is beautiful and super duper adorable.... check out her blog, The Printed Peach
  • She has lots of patience!  
  • Her creative mind somehow starts reading your mind... it's crazy.  Everything I was thinking about for the design, she automatically knew without me telling her.  
  • She knows her stuff.
  • She keeps you up to date on every step and is open to any suggestions you have and is willing to work with you with her creativity and yours.  Awesome sauce. 
  • Her work equals magic... magic as in a great design that is more than you expect... because that's how good she is as a designer.
I am so grateful that I was able to work with her.

Cari, THANK YOU for this amazeballs of a design and for working with me!!!!  XOXO

My favorite part of this new design is that freaking awesome "find me here" social media sidebar section... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 

Go give Cari some love on FacebookTwitter, Blog and Pinterest!

Mar 1, 2013

Hubs 30th!

Happy Friday!!!!

I am excited for today because it is the hubs 30th birthday!!!!

Happy 30th birthday to the best husband in the world!!! I feel so blessed to have found true love in your arms.  I feel so proud to call you my husband.  May you be blessed with all that you have ever dreamt of.  I love you with all my heart.

 photo 481f1c43-e9ff-481e-afb3-e440f42ab587_zpsfcd95942.jpg
Hubs and I
Today, we are having a nice relaxing day and going to dinner tonight. Tomorrow I will be in full party hostess mode as we are having our close friends over to celebrate his birthday!!!!  Which also means I have a shit ton of things to do between today and tomorrow..... eeeek.

AND.... on Monday, this little internet space of mine here will have a BRAND NEW SPANKING LOOK thanks to super duper adorable and talented Cari over at The Printed Peach Blog.  She gets the award for being most awesome person to work with.  Her creative mind was reading my mind.. I swear everything she proposed I loved!!!  Now that's a good quality to have in a designer!!!!!!  So make sure you send her some love and you will get a sneak peak at my blog design over on her post today!

So, this weekend the blog will go private as Cari does her super genius bloggy thing and installs the new design.  But, Monday I will be back with the new design and updates on how the hubs 30th birthday party went!

I'm off to get ready for another interview I have today, so have a great weekend my friends!