Feb 14, 2013

The people of Starbucks

So here I am sitting at Starbucks trying to get some blog inspiration.  Hubs mentioned that my post yesterday was a debby downer one so I am on a mission to make you laugh today.

This is what I see at Starbucks today:

Two older ladies who are chatting away on two chairs on the opposite side of the store.  All of a sudden, one lady gets up and I cringe.  This lady is probably in her late 50s.  She has gray boots, gray tights  white shirt that DOES NOT go past her butt, a leopard print scarf and leopard print fur coat.
But here is the best part... want to know what else is leopard print???
You do?!?! Great, I'll tell you...

Leopard print underwear!  Which is CLEARLY visible through her gray tights.

Isn't it a rule that if you are going to wear tights as pants that your shirt should at least cover your butt??!?!?

Apparently she doesn't know about that rule.

I wonder if her friend will tell her that her underwear is visible to everyone??

Would you?


Murdock's mama said...

bahahaha! I LOVE it! Yes, I would totally say something {assuming it's a close girlfriend!} :)

Nikki said...

Bahahahahaha that's awesome! You totally should have snapped a picture!

Ms. Networking said...

Not if they're frenemies...then anything can happen...I bet the one sitting down said to the other she looked great before leaving just for good measure! :D

Jen said...

YIKES!!! Man I wish you had taken a picture haha.

Kathryn said...

I would definitely tell my friend, that's awful.

Ashley said...

I'd have to tell them... that's just too awful to let go (even if it would be hilarious)!