Feb 11, 2013

Guess I'm a housewife now

So now that I am unemployed and back from vacation, I will assume my title is changed to "Housewife" for the time being.

Not sure how I feel about that since it doesn't include "Real" in front of it as the retarded TV series showcases as housewives who are super rich and shop all day long.

But, it also feels good to be home and get myself to refocus. And to focus on cleaning this apt up because as some of you know, when you work full time, you clean the house so it can be pass with a C/B (depending on your mood)... .but as a housewife, I think that your job is to have your place with a grade of A because to me, that's your job as a housewife.

So, on my agenda today was watch a little TV in the morning (let's face it, I might as well splurge in this luxury before it's gone), clean the bathroom, unpack suitcases, and scan photos for our friends who need it for their children's engagement party.

I am proud to say that as of 1:36pm, I have caught up on some of my Ellen shows that I had on the DVR, cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, unpacked suitcases and as a bonus: rearrange some of our drawers so hubs has an extra drawer which he really needed, and I am about to start on the scanning of the photos.  That will start after this blog post and I make myself something to eat.

I am feeling pretty good about the day so far.
For the rest of this week, I want to focus on cleaning one room at a time.  This will allow time for me in the morning to job search as well.  And I think tonight I will raid Pinterest and start making some of the recipes I have pinned since I have time now to really work on them.  Tomorrow may include a shopping trip to the food store as well.

All in all, so far, I am OK with this being unemployed business.  But do you want to know who is LOVING this unemployment business?  Sadie... she is so content with sleeping on the bed till late and having me around to play fetch with her during the day and not being in the crate.

So, who's on Pinterest and has some awesome recipes for me to try????  Leave your link below!


Jen said...

it is so amazing how much your pets love having you around. :)

Ashley said...

My dogs loved it while I was unemployed! LOL.

Laura Darling said...

What a productive day you had! I made shrimp vegetable soup tonight from the Real Simple webiste - it was so good!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to be a housewife for a few weeks. I could have my entire apartment spotless, every last piece of laundry done, and something cheesy and delicious in my crockpot.

Take this time for you and enjoy it. Good things will be just around the corner.

Shanny said...

Ahhh being a housewife... you are very productive housewife, enjoy it for now, soon you'll get a job and miss this restful boring time ;)