Feb 10, 2013

Etsy recommendations?

Why hello there my friends... yes it is me! I am back from vacation and finally getting caught up on all blog related stuff.  Some of you may know since you have gotten some emails from me today!

 But I have one thing that I need my blog friends to help with... I was the lucky winner of a gift card for Etsy. I need your help by letting me know what your favorite Etsy shops are!!!!

I tried asking via twitter, I even hash tagged Etsy, and I only got one response.  FAIL for you Etsy owners. I highly suggest you check the hash tags if you are a Etsy owner because people like me include it when asking for Etsy shops for us to spend our money on... seriously.

So, let me know your favorite Etsy shops so I can go spend some money!
Thanks loves!


Allison said...

I don't really have a favorite shop, I just always look for stuff that I [think] need! lol.

Anonymous said...

Can't help ya here. I'm Etsy deficient. That site completely overwhelms me.

Unknown said...

I regularly check out a group of shops: search UWIB to see them pop up... Stands for Unique Women in Business. Art, jewelry, paper craft, the list goes on and on....