Feb 13, 2013



  • I am high fiving myself for doing the 8 slow cooker freezer meals so today all I had to do was dump the stuff in the crockpot and walk away.
  • Spent HOURS searching and applying for jobs on the internet.... and I don't even feel relieved. 
  • Almost had mini anxiety attack by myself at home in the middle of the job search... it is just so frustrating and I am not  very good at being patient.
  • Had another phone interview for that one job... this is the 4th interview with same company.. and he told me he wants me to talk to some other people as well and come in and do a presentation for them.  This is good news but I am just wondering how much longer this process will take.
  • I want to tell the above job just to hire me already... seriously, I am up for the challenge. Just hire me so I don't get full blown anxiety attacks. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE.
  • I got dressed today. 
  • My dog just sleeps all day. ALL DAY. I want her life, badly.
  • For the last hour, I have contemplated opening up the bottle of wine in the fridge, but didn't because I don't want to fill out applications drunk.  Yeah, it's that bad people. 
  • I just want to cry. 
  • It's supppose to snow again here in Jersey tonight
  • Dear Spring, I want you to be here.. like yesterday
  • I really wished all the people at my last job, including people I didn't even work directly with, that were surprised I wasn't staying with the company would have really  begged them to keep me. I was damn good at my job and loved it. I would have totally moved with the company to SC too.  
  • It makes me happy that a lot of people at my last job knew about my work ethic and applauded me. Go me?
  • This post was suppose to be funny... and it totally didn't turn out that way. 
What are you currently up to?


Jen said...

I'm hoping you hear about the job soon!! It's awful to have to sit and wait.

Ashley said...

Have you tried a temp agency? I'm doing long term assignments to hold me over until I land something!

Nikki said...

At least they are still interviewing you that to me means they are interested in you and lets be real why wouldnt they be? Keep your chin up girly girl you will land something soon! xoxo

Happy Valentines Day!

Shanny said...

Crossing fingers the interview process from that particular job doesn't take too much longer... and that you get it, of course.

And for the love of chocolate (love it) open that darn bottle if you need to and drink it, take a break and apply for jobs the following day. Skip it today though, its V-day so you might as well not be drunk before hubby comes home lol