Feb 5, 2013

Bring the Popcorn to the Security Line

The funniest things you see is when you are on the dreaded security line that can either be quick or move slower than slugs.  Most of the time, it's the "slower than slugs" line.  But no worries, this is when the entertainment kicks in.  Let's call this

Things you see at the airport security line

  • The annoying business person with their bag that rolls and swivels in 50 million different ways who is talking on the cell phone about stock and bonds while reeking of cologne looking all "cool."
  • The first time traveler that has every document and forms of ID out and ready to hand over to the TSA guy while the TSA guy is telling them they only need boarding pass and ID, and NOT your birth certificate, marriage license, etc. 
  • The mother who is travelling with little kids who is giving her husband the look of death while screaming at her kids to stop running around.
  • The girl who is wearing 5 inch heels, sunglasses, a tight dress and an over sized handbag ready to walk to the red carpet... of a freaking airport.
  • The senior citizens who keep asking where their boarding pass is and if it's OK to bring in their 10 different bottles of medicine on their carry on while moving slow as turtles.
All I need is popcorn to enjoy the show.

What was the worst thing you've seen at the airport?


Ms. Networking said...

well I think while I was getting ready to get patted down or viewed through the xray machine, one of those dog bowls they use to collect your personal valuable items came flying out of nowhere and clipped me in the shin. The lady behind me was amazed wondering where that thing flew from and how it perfectly decked me in the shin. I wasn't even embarassed, I just wanted to board my plane to see my very dear friends, lol. There's also the German airport where they just wanted you out of their faces. :D

Ah how much more awesome can I get??

Ashley said...

I've never seen anything bad at an airport but I've only flown a handful of times in my life. The nine hour overlay in Philly was awful though on my way to England.