Jan 4, 2013

Is this what you wanted to know about me?

Welcome to the most random post ever....

  • I work until 2pm today, then we are all off to go to our office holiday party.  Better late than never.
  • I suffered one of the worst migraines yesterday... literally all day from 4am till I went to bed last night. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. 
  • I believe the gastro acid reflux meds are giving me these migraines so I stopped them yesterday. Let's see how today goes.
  • I never ever liked yogurt. It was more of the smell that made me sick.  This week, I took a bite out of the hubs strawberry and banana... I may now like yogurt. Go fig. Hubs is you are reading this, I took one of your yogurts. :)
  • My last day of work is Jan. 25th.  As I have mentioned before, my job is relocating to SC and my position will be eliminated.  But so far, I have had a job reach out to me and it is looking REAL good. Pray this goes through... it would be my dream job! 
  • If I do get this job, it will be the easiest and shortest job search ever. 
  • We leave for vacation in Florida in 4 weeks... so excited to get out of the cold. 
  • Hubs and I are going to a comedy club tonight for a friends birthday....Our first date almost 9 years ago was to a comedy club. 
  • I am itching to cut my hair short again. 
  • I PAID OFF MY CAR!!!!!!!!  Such a relief. 
  • My best friend had her baby on Christmas Day... talk about a Merry Christmas! 
  • My little sister (not blood related, but she IS my sister) got a 4.0 this semester in college.  Mind you, she has all honor/advanced classes.  Amazing especially when it was a tough semester after her dad passed away.  Just shows me how strong she is. Love her. 
  • I am sick of drinking Gatorade! ugh.  Tummy problems go away. 
  • I am REALLY enjoying this yogurt I have been eating since I started writing this post. Hubs, you better eat it up before I get to it. 
What random thoughts do you guys have today?


Nikki said...

I think it's time for you to start feeling better already. Just sayin'

Ashley said...

I started getting horrible migraines when I was college (after never even having a headache in my life). We later found out it they were being caused by an infection in my wisdom death. Wisdom teeth out... no more migraines UNTIL I started chemo and battling bacterial infections. Those migraines were so bad that I would have get injections at the ER to get relief. Tomorrow will be a month since my last chemo treatment and I haven't had a migraine since so I hope they will never return... it sucks being incapacitated.

As far as the reflux meds... I cannot live without them. Although, I haven't noticed any side effects from mine.

Hopefully, everything will get squared away with your health soon!

I'm so jealous you have a potential job offer... send of the that good luck my way! :)

Anonymous said...

haha I like this. I am a big fan of yogurt. I'm all Greek though. Congrats to your sister, that's a HUGE accomplishment. Good luck with the job. I hope that goes in your favor. Yay for vacay! I'm pre-planning for mine.

Jen said...

Yay for paying off your car and super jealous of your Florida vacation haha. You deserve it though. :)

Shanny said...

Finger's tightly crossed for this new job opportunity! It would be fantastic to come back from your vacation relaxed and NOT sick and into a new job =)

Have fun at the comedy club, I haven't gone to one in years.. so have a laugh for me!

lil desiqua said...

WooHoo for a possible new job and vacation! And paying off your car- that's awesome- congrats!!
Happy weekend!

Rachel said...

You've got several very exciting pieces of news there! Besides the migraine of course. That sucks. But hurray for paying off your car and that your sister got such good grades!

Linds said...

You will get the job! I know it and it will be amazing.

I hope Channing Tatum comes to offer it to you on a silver platter in his pony attire :)