Jan 28, 2013

Hello Hello!! Hellooooo! (I asked the hubs for a post title, that's what he came up with)

  • I got my nails done today, and as I was paying.. the sweet Asian lady looked at me and said "eyebrows?".  I said no thank you.  Guess she noticed the woofing of my eyebrows.  I wanted to explain to her that I was going to my hairdresser tomorrow and she is the only one who I trust to do my eyebrows and that's why they look horrible, but instead, I bowed my head in shame and walked out. 
  • I am pretty obsessed with my nails.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you clearly are over it as I have posted not one, but two pictures of my nails.  Sorry not sorry... you choose. :)
  • Today was my first day of unemployment... it was nice. I even took a nap. But I am pretty sure this is going to get old quick. 
  • I SHOULD have started packing for our vacation that we leave on Wednesday to, but I didn't... because I was lazy. 
  • Tomorrow night I will be packing like a mad woman... happens.every.time.
  • The hubs is watching WWE Raw and the moment I looked over at the TV, a grown fat guy wrestler is wearing a girls top... um weird. Just took another look, big old fat wrestler is now dancing in the ring.  OK, really weird. 
  • Can y'all keep praying for me for the job I interviewed for... I haven't heard anything back yet. I really want this job... like really bad. 
  • I may cry when we drop Sadie off at my mother-in-laws house tomorrow night. She will taking care of my sweet pups while we are gone. I am going to miss the puppy kisses! 
How random was this post... very.  OK, I am now going to go and catch up on twitter.  
Peace bloggy peeps! 


Jen said...

You guys are going to have an amazing vacation and I absolutely love your nails. :)

Ashley said...

It will get old quickly... but I can keep you company!

Crossing my fingers you get the job as well... I don't wish this stir-crazy torture on my worst enemy!

Nikki said...

Nails came out great! LOVE them. I have been kicking around the idea of getting my tips put back on. Maybe before I go away? Embrace unemployment I have a feeling it is not going to last long although you already know this! Have a fabulous trip! BTW I totally wait till the night before I am leaving to pack. ALL.THE.TIME!

Mary Long said...

I love the randomness! " I bowed my head in shame and walked out." LMAO!
Have a fabulous vacation! I always pack the day before and use a check list. And I still over pack - every time!
Good luck with the job search. I hope the unemployment doesn't last long :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so behind... where are you guys headed now?

Shanny said...

Hope you guys have lots and lots of fun! And go rock your nails with your eyebrows (fix it first lol) on your vacation.

Oh, don't feel bad about not packing yet. I'm always a night-before-packer myself. MY excuse: this way I don't forget what I already packed. Whatever.

Kathryn said...

Fingers crossed for the job interview.