Jan 11, 2013

Ahhh... the weekend!

Hello bloggy peeps!
Aren't we ALL glad this week is over?  Seemed like it took forever!!!

Yesterday I got hit with another migraine. They suck major ass. I stayed home from work and tried to sleep the morning. Eventually, it got better during the day.

But I am not here to talk about crappy migraines.. I am here to tell you that I am so excited for this weekend.  Why?  Because me and the besties are having our annual Christmas dinner party!!!!  Instead of exchanging presents, we opted to have dinner together.  Every year, each of us takes turn hosting.  This is a win win situation guys. Food, fun, and friends. Doesn't get any better than that.
This year, it is my bestie's Tyren and Jesille who are hosting our annual Christmas dinner.  They have a house in PA so we are all going to be up there for the weekend.  I am excited for some good laughs and relaxation!   Even Sadie is coming along for the weekend too.  The deal is that everyone contributes to the dinner and number one rule is to HAVE FUN.   I'm in!

I really do look forward to this every year and I am so GLAD that we have kept this tradition going for about 5 years now.  Just the besties get together and enjoy our company.  In this case, all weekend long!

Naturally, I have to run home and pack up the dog stuff, our stuff, and the baking stuff.  And I most definitely probably could have done that last night, but eh.

I will be a bit disconnected from the Internet this weekend so I wish you all a fantastic weekend!!!!  Enjoy the good weather that is coming too, well at least in Jersey it is suppose to be in the mid 50s!!!!

Peace out bloggy peeps and remember.....
I'm awesome.

KIDDING... or not

Remember to tell someone how much you appreciate them! It will make them smile.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like such a fun tradition, enjoy!

Jen said...

Such an awesome tradition. I hope you have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Have an amazing time! :)

We were in the 50's today here in Indiana. I'm happy to report all of our snow is officially gone thanks to all the rain we got last night!

Ei8ht Beach Street said...

Your weekend sounds amazing, hope you have an awesome time.

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

I love that tradition! Hope you have a great time! :)

Shanny said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Have a wonderful weekend and make that tradition proud!

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

What a fun tradition!! Do you take any migraine preventatives? I took Topimax for a year and it was AMAZING!

SK Anthony said...

Hope you are have a great time!

Anonymous said...

I hope you all had a great weekend! Dinner is defintiely a better options. Much better memories.