Jan 31, 2013

Holy Crap I Forgot the Bra's!

We are on our way to Florida today!!!!  Gotta love when vacation time is here.  I am just hoping that I didn't forget anything this time.  Last year when we went on vacation to California, I totally forgot to pack a single bra!  I only had the one I was wearing.


Thankfully we had a rental car.  We jumped in and found the nearest Walmart and I bought myself some bra's for the trip.  They weren't the best, but they kept my boobies held together which is a plus.  I kind of wish I had forgotten to pack underwear instead because that is much easier to buy in a pinch than bra's.  When you have big ole boobies like mine, I have to actually try bra's on in all forms to make sure it supports well enough.  If it was underwear, I could have just walked in there, picked up a package and walked out.

Ugh, being a woman is tough business.

So, what was the worse thing you have forgotten at home when leaving on vacation?

Jan 28, 2013

Hello Hello!! Hellooooo! (I asked the hubs for a post title, that's what he came up with)

  • I got my nails done today, and as I was paying.. the sweet Asian lady looked at me and said "eyebrows?".  I said no thank you.  Guess she noticed the woofing of my eyebrows.  I wanted to explain to her that I was going to my hairdresser tomorrow and she is the only one who I trust to do my eyebrows and that's why they look horrible, but instead, I bowed my head in shame and walked out. 
  • I am pretty obsessed with my nails.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you clearly are over it as I have posted not one, but two pictures of my nails.  Sorry not sorry... you choose. :)
  • Today was my first day of unemployment... it was nice. I even took a nap. But I am pretty sure this is going to get old quick. 
  • I SHOULD have started packing for our vacation that we leave on Wednesday to, but I didn't... because I was lazy. 
  • Tomorrow night I will be packing like a mad woman... happens.every.time.
  • The hubs is watching WWE Raw and the moment I looked over at the TV, a grown fat guy wrestler is wearing a girls top... um weird. Just took another look, big old fat wrestler is now dancing in the ring.  OK, really weird. 
  • Can y'all keep praying for me for the job I interviewed for... I haven't heard anything back yet. I really want this job... like really bad. 
  • I may cry when we drop Sadie off at my mother-in-laws house tomorrow night. She will taking care of my sweet pups while we are gone. I am going to miss the puppy kisses! 
How random was this post... very.  OK, I am now going to go and catch up on twitter.  
Peace bloggy peeps! 

Jan 25, 2013

Officially unemployed

I wrote this post down on a piece of paper in an empty office.  Today was my last day at work.  Everything has been thrown out.  All of our equipment, desks, and phones are gone.  I have nothing to do.  We are just waiting for the end of the day.  It's a bittersweet day.  For some people who work here, they have been with the company for 30 years.  This place has become their home.  It's a tougher day for them than me.  I've only been here for 2 years, but I've grown to be a part of this family.  They welcomed me with open arms and I am grateful.  I am sad, angry, happy, positive about this whole situation.  All I know is that I need to remain positive.  Yes, the situation sucks major ass.  I am officially unemployed.  That shit scares me.  But there's a reason this happened.  I may not see it now or understand it, but I know God has a plan for me and this includes losing my job and going on the journey to find my new path.  So I just ask you to keep me in your prayers while I embark on this new journey.  And please pray for all the people who lost their jobs today as well.  We all can use the prayers.

I came home today and no joke, cried.  Because it's emotional.  I feel so lost but I know that I am really not.  Some of my close friends were texting me lifting my spirits up.  Seriously, if it wasn't for them, I probably would have balled for much longer.  Then when I came home, I had a card in the mail from my bestie Raff.  I was totally confused because I had no idea why she would be sending me a card.  As soon as I opened it, I figured it out. She sent me a get well card.... for my heart.  She wrote such an amazing message and it hit me... my friends are in my corner rooting for me, so why the heck am I not rooting for myself?  That card changed my attitude that very moment.  Raff, you hit it on the nail.  Thank you and love you! You always know when I am so down in the dumps... how you know is beyond me, but you do.  Guess  that's why God meant for us to meet each other freshman year of college.  I am so grateful to have you as my friend!

My husband, holy crap is that man patient.  I got all emotional when he came home early from work to be with me.  But all I needed was a hug from him.  And I got it. He kept telling me how lucky I am and that it will be OK.  To take this time to enjoy.  No reason to be depressed. He's right. I knew I married him for a reason.  Hubs, I love you so much and so glad that even through my rough anxiety filled times, you still are by my side.  You are awesome.

As always, thanks bloggy friends for your encouraging words and support.  Your tweets and comments put a smile on my face.  Seriously, you all rock!

Jan 24, 2013

Holy Freakin Moly I Won

Um... I am beyond excited today.
First, the hubs surprised me with a Galaxy Nexus phone!!! WINNING.  My old phone just kept not working right... it was my 5th replacement from Verizon.  Clearly I picked a loser of a phone, the one that NOT all the cool kids had.   So, hubs was so kind to surprise me today with a new phone!!!

 We had to run to Verizon to get my new phone activated.  The nice lady does her thing and as we are walking out, my email starts to sync back up and the my blog email was  being FLOODED with emails.  Want to know why?

Because this awesome blogger, Taylor from The Daily Tay hosted a wonderful January giveaway and I WON ALL THE FREAKING PRIZES!!!!


I was literally in shock... I think I still am... that I won all of those goodies.  Like, at first I thought I was dreaming, but it turns out I was not.

I have been jumping for joy in my apartment like a little kid who was just told they are going to Disney. (what's funny is that I will be in Disney next week, DOUBLE WINNING!).

You all need to make sure you go check out her blog because she will make you laugh.  She's just awesome.

Jan 23, 2013

4 years ago today I started this blog

Here I am.  The 4 year blogger.

Amazing how time flies by. 

I looked back on my very first post.  I laid out what I like to call my mission statement for my blog.  I am glad that to this day, that mission statement is still valid. I wanted to make you laugh when you read my posts. I wanted you to forget whatever was bringing you down and for a few minutes laugh.  Let's face it, when we laugh we burn calories (truth!) and we give ourselves a surge of positivity.  We can all use a little more positivity in our lives.

And in true "I will make you laugh" form, my second post did just that.  A newlywed wife trying to cook dinner for her husband but having absolutely no clue on what she was doing... cue: cooking disaster.

If you would have asked me 4 years ago where I thought I would be, my answer would have NOT included me as an unemployed person, as of Jan 25th, due to my company relocating.  Me writing this post during the day at home since I had a day off to go to an interview (pray it went well for me!) for a possible dream job.  Me as still furbaby mama, and not a "real" mama.  But that's the thing about life, it's always throwing curve balls that you just have to grab and keep going.  Would I want my life any different? Absolutely not.  I am where I am SUPPOSE to be.

What does this have to do with my 4 year blogging anniversary?  Everything.
Blogging is a part of my everyday life. I have shared the joys and the crappy times with you all.  But through it all, the blogging community has always been there with love, support, and even a few of your giggles to make my crappy day a bit less crappy.  Thank you. 

I wrote a heartfelt post about why I am a blogger called My name is Kenya and I am PROUD to be a blogger.  This sums it all up.  This is why I blog.

Blogging makes me happy and I love it!  Thank you for coming along this  journey with me.

Here's to another 4 years of blogging!

trio pics photo triopics_zps56cc37bd.jpg

Jan 21, 2013

Broccoli makes me fart.

Happy Monday morning everyone! I am happy to report that I am about 95% back to normal after being hit with the stupid flu and bronchitis bug last week.  NEVER AGAIN do I want to the flu. It's sucks ass. 

Anyways, I had a whole bunch of stuff planned out, but with being sick last week, blog planning went out the window.  So, I am starting fresh this week.

I saw some bloggers doing this and thought it would be fun! 

Age: 29.... and yes I still consider myself in my 20s because it is fact.  Don't you dare come to my face and tell me I am 30.... 29 and 30 are not the same numbers.  I may punch you in your face if you do, just sayin.

Bed size: Queen, but damn do we need a King size bed.  It's hard sharing a bed with a man who has broad shoulders and is 5'11".  ESPECIALLY when he doesn't understand the concept of roll over and situate yourself on your side.  It's hard when he just literally rolls over and ends up in the middle of the bed... YES HUBS I AM TALKING TO YOU!  xoxo

Chore you hate: Laundry... it's the death of me.  DESPISE this chore.... like I leave the bags of laundry after we pick it up from the DROP OFF SERVICE and they sit in my bedroom for days. FAIL. 

Dogs: The cutest yorkiepoo ever called Sadie. 

Essential start to your day: Brushing my teeth... I am sure people don't want to smell my morning breath. 

Favorite color: Purple! 

Gold or Silver: Silver

Height: FUN SIZE aka 5'0

Instruments you play: Piano, Clarinet and I am a singer.

Job Title: Marketing Coordinator

Kids: No human babies for us yet.

Live: Dirty NJ

Married: For 4 years I have driven my hubs completely insane.  He is a lucky guy.

Nicknames: Ken, K, beb

Overnight hospital stays: Once

Pet peeve: When people don't smile and complain about hating the world. 

Quote: "One day your life will flash before you eyes, make sure it's worth watching"

Righty or Lefty: Righty.

Siblings: I have an OLDER sister... love ya Karina! 

Time you wake up: The dog is waking me up around 7 so she can go out and pee. 

University attended:  Fairleigh Dickinson University

Vegetables you dislike: Broccoli... makes me fart. ha! 

What makes you run late: The hubs

X-rays you've had: Plenty throughout my life

Yummy food: Right now - fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and roasted red peppers.  I am ADDICTED.

Zoo animal favorite: Tigers and Lions.  Guess it's because my zodiac sign is Leo. 

Jan 16, 2013

I haven't left my bed in two days

Oh hey guys. If you follow me on twitter, you already know that I am battling the flu and bronchitis. Talk about a double whammy.

So for the past two days, I have been quarantined in the bedroom, only getting up for potty breaks.

I hope you all got your flu shot because this sucks. I would never wish this on my worst enemy. Yeah, it's that bad.

I hope to be back to regular blogging soon.

Pray I get better please. I would like to see the outside world again.

Jan 11, 2013

Ahhh... the weekend!

Hello bloggy peeps!
Aren't we ALL glad this week is over?  Seemed like it took forever!!!

Yesterday I got hit with another migraine. They suck major ass. I stayed home from work and tried to sleep the morning. Eventually, it got better during the day.

But I am not here to talk about crappy migraines.. I am here to tell you that I am so excited for this weekend.  Why?  Because me and the besties are having our annual Christmas dinner party!!!!  Instead of exchanging presents, we opted to have dinner together.  Every year, each of us takes turn hosting.  This is a win win situation guys. Food, fun, and friends. Doesn't get any better than that.
This year, it is my bestie's Tyren and Jesille who are hosting our annual Christmas dinner.  They have a house in PA so we are all going to be up there for the weekend.  I am excited for some good laughs and relaxation!   Even Sadie is coming along for the weekend too.  The deal is that everyone contributes to the dinner and number one rule is to HAVE FUN.   I'm in!

I really do look forward to this every year and I am so GLAD that we have kept this tradition going for about 5 years now.  Just the besties get together and enjoy our company.  In this case, all weekend long!

Naturally, I have to run home and pack up the dog stuff, our stuff, and the baking stuff.  And I most definitely probably could have done that last night, but eh.

I will be a bit disconnected from the Internet this weekend so I wish you all a fantastic weekend!!!!  Enjoy the good weather that is coming too, well at least in Jersey it is suppose to be in the mid 50s!!!!

Peace out bloggy peeps and remember.....
I'm awesome.

KIDDING... or not

Remember to tell someone how much you appreciate them! It will make them smile.

Jan 9, 2013

My name is Kenya and I'm PROUD to be a blogger.

So, I had a funny post lined up... but my fingers started typing, then deleted the whole thing.
Time for me to get serious with y'all.

We all have bloggy friends... and we all have in real life friends (IRL).  The IRL friends don't understand what blogging is and what it means to us.  I can say I have only 2 IRL friends that read my blog all the time.  And one of them is a blogger herself so she totally understands.  The other isn't a blogger, but she always respects what I write (thanks Raff... love you!).  Now for the rest of those in real life friends.  They just don't get it. And some of them aren't shy about letting you know that.  It makes me sad.  It hurts.  I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but still it does. We are human, let's face it.

Blogging has been such a great outlet for me.  Writing is such a relief that I get.  When I stopped blogging for a few months, it really affected me.  I stopped because my friends were talking about me as a blogger. They said mean things. Some of them don't even know that I know what they said.  It hit me like a ton of bricks. And I stopped blogging because I thought I was wrong.  I let them win. Shame on me.  I quickly realized that blogging was a creative stress reliever for me.  I had missed it BIG TIME.  I came back... with a vengeance.  I started blogging more about ME.  I started blogging about EVERYTHING I felt. It's my part of the interwebs... I can do what I want with it.  I hurt some people doing that, which hurt me.  I became that person that lost focus and starting hurting people with words, just like they did to me. I am sorry. I never meant for it to come out like that.  These past few months, I have been working hard on blogging about everything in my life, but trying to be mindful of others.  I refuse to let anyone walk all over me like they did the last time, but I am still mindful.

I blog what I want to blog. If you don't like it, all you have to do is click off. Easy Peasy.  I am not here to satisfy EVERYONE. It's impossible.  But, is there a possibility that I may offend  you with something I write? Yes.  Is it on purpose? No. We all have different opinions, I don't expect you to think just like I do. That's silly.

So, for this new year's... I want my bloggy friends and my in real life friends know this:

  • Sometimes it's easier for me to write out my feelings than physically talk to you.  Please don't feel discouraged or offended as my friend.  
  • I am committed to blog about my life, the ups and downs, because my name is Kenya and I consider myself a lifestyle blogger.  I hope you stay with me during the ups and share in my joy, and I hope you stay with me in my downs and pray with me. 
  • I am not perfect. 
  • My goal will always be to make you laugh.  Even if I am going through something bad, I will always find a way to spin it into laughter.  Raff knows this oh so well about me.  It's my coping mechanism... just let it be please.
  • Please don't come to me telling me how horrible it is to share MY LIFE over this blog.  Especially when you have a facebook account.  SAME THING, DIFFERENT OUTLET.
  • If you disagree with a post, please go ahead and comment.  Us bloggers have learned to have thick skin.  All I ask is that you be RESPECTFUL of others opinions.  Including fellow commenter's.  It's called healthy debating.
  • I do not have the perfect life.  I have debt.  I piss off my husband.  Sometimes I don't clean. Sometimes I don't cook. I curse. I scream. I cry. I laugh. I upset family/friends. I get my shit together and do right for a couple of days.  I then fall back in a rut.  I don't take care of my body.  I don't eat right. I go to church, and sometimes still sin. I ask for forgiveness. I pray for myself and loved ones. I pray for you all. I pray that I wake up the next day and enjoy MY life, which is beyond perfect. I am OK with this. 
  • I LOVE blogging. It is my passion. A little support from in real life friends would be fantastic.  But it's OK if I don't get it.  But please don't bash me and my blog. It's been 4 years of hard work doing this. I am PROUD OF MY BLOG. 
My name is Kenya and I am a blogger.  

Jan 7, 2013

Nails, Wash, Puppy, Dancing - all in one weekend

Talk about how random that title is huh? Sorry if I confused ya.

This weekend was productive.  We had a surprise 50th birthday party to go to on Saturday which meant we ate real yummy Italian food and even danced a little.  Oh Snap!

I like to consider myself productive this weekend.  And this is why.

I got this done

nails done

Then right after that, I went and gave my car some loving

car wash

My car hasn't been washed in most definitely over probably a year. It needed it BADLY.  Now, she looks all new.  Which is fitting since I just paid it off!!!! WOOP WOOP

Then Sunday, I couldn't find Sadie.  I get up to look for her since she's not responding and this is how I find her

Sadie middle bed


Blog design help!

So, I would like to change my blog design.  I have usually scoured the Internets for templates that I am able to make my own.  But this time yesterday, I hopped on the computer and asked all my twitter friends for their recommendations on blog designers.

Then it hit me like, BAM....

Holy poo.... why are blog designs so freaking expensive?!?!?!?!  Seriously, I understand it's a lot of work, but it's hard to justify that when there are so many freebies out there that you really could customize for yourself within blogger draft.  It takes time though.  So, after quickly checking out all the blog designers that you lovelies told me about, I quickly realized that I don't have $100 to splurge on a new blog design, because as you all know, I won't have a job at the end of this month due to my company relocating.  So yeah.

I decided to scour the Internets then for a new blog template design that I can then tweak to make my own.  ALL DAY I DID THIS. I swear I have carpel tunnel.  My eyes are shot.  I couldn't find anything I liked enough. NOTHING..... I was so disappointed.  Then I tell hubs well, I may have to give in to a blog designer.  So, again I am asking for your help to help me find a blog designer that isn't going to charge me and arm and leg because I can't give those ups.  Anybody you know having specials?  Like a special for "blogger who is losing her job needs new blog design pretty please please please."

So, your homework, let me know who your fave designers are who can do more than just a background and header.   Thanks lovelies... Now I am going to cry in a corner because it is only 8:58am and MONDAY of a full 5 day work week. Shoot me now.

Jan 4, 2013

Is this what you wanted to know about me?

Welcome to the most random post ever....

  • I work until 2pm today, then we are all off to go to our office holiday party.  Better late than never.
  • I suffered one of the worst migraines yesterday... literally all day from 4am till I went to bed last night. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. 
  • I believe the gastro acid reflux meds are giving me these migraines so I stopped them yesterday. Let's see how today goes.
  • I never ever liked yogurt. It was more of the smell that made me sick.  This week, I took a bite out of the hubs strawberry and banana... I may now like yogurt. Go fig. Hubs is you are reading this, I took one of your yogurts. :)
  • My last day of work is Jan. 25th.  As I have mentioned before, my job is relocating to SC and my position will be eliminated.  But so far, I have had a job reach out to me and it is looking REAL good. Pray this goes through... it would be my dream job! 
  • If I do get this job, it will be the easiest and shortest job search ever. 
  • We leave for vacation in Florida in 4 weeks... so excited to get out of the cold. 
  • Hubs and I are going to a comedy club tonight for a friends birthday....Our first date almost 9 years ago was to a comedy club. 
  • I am itching to cut my hair short again. 
  • I PAID OFF MY CAR!!!!!!!!  Such a relief. 
  • My best friend had her baby on Christmas Day... talk about a Merry Christmas! 
  • My little sister (not blood related, but she IS my sister) got a 4.0 this semester in college.  Mind you, she has all honor/advanced classes.  Amazing especially when it was a tough semester after her dad passed away.  Just shows me how strong she is. Love her. 
  • I am sick of drinking Gatorade! ugh.  Tummy problems go away. 
  • I am REALLY enjoying this yogurt I have been eating since I started writing this post. Hubs, you better eat it up before I get to it. 
What random thoughts do you guys have today?

Jan 2, 2013

I like spending my time in the ER right before the holiday. It's fun.

Happy New Year!!!

Now, I wonder how long it will take me before I actually start writing down 2013 instead of 2012 on paper. Don't you hate when that happens in January.

I hope your New Year's celebrations were fab.  Mine, despite hospital trip, was fab. No complaints here.
Now, let's talk about my hospital trip.  Yep, I had to go to ER on Friday... for 10 HOURS!

I was in immense pain on Friday and couldn't handle it anymore.  A call to doc told us to go to ER that it might be my gall bladder.  CUE PANIC. I was thinking in my head, "but I don't want to go to the ER!!!" (in little kid voice).  But, not to gamble with my health and because I could barely stand up at that point, off we went to the ER.  The ER was packed, as in 140 patients... over capacity.  I still do not understand why people go to the ER for the FLU!!!  Seriously, about 70 of the patients there are with the flu.  Go to the doctor or if anything, to a medi center if it's the flu.  You are taking up valuable resources for people who need it.  So, we get there and after a whole bunch of tests, IV fluid being pumped into my dehydrated body along with meds being dripped through IV, GI cocktail meds, xray tests, ultrasound tests and 10 hours.... we figured out it wasn't my gall bladder.  Cue relief because if it was, that would have meant surgery right then and there.  Instead, I got what they call a super infection from antibiotics I was on prior before.  It caused my small intestine to inflame and make me feel like I was dying with mini  soldiers in my stomach lighting it on fire. We got home around 1:30am with a bunch of meds, orders to drink Gatorade and go on a bland diet for a few days.

I am feeling a little better today... still on the meds and my tummy feels a bit icky, but all is good.  Thank goodness.

For New Year's Eve, we went to my aunts and had a good time, considering how crappy I felt.  Oh did I forgot to mention that the time of the month also made an appearance while I was in the ER... oh freaking happy days that was.  Anyways, I enjoyed our time with the family despite feeling like crap.  And yesterday, we all slept all day. Hubs slept on and off, the dog slept the WHOLE day.  Clearly Sadie had a lot of fun at my aunts house and barely had a chance to sleep so she did not leave the couch at all. I even threw some of her dog toys at her and nothing. hahaha.  I slept on and off too... partly because I think the meds make me drowsy.

And here we are today, at work.... EXHAUSTED.  It's hard to get back into the swing of things when you have been off since the 22nd!

So, let's hope I don't fall asleep at work.  I will hope the same for you as I am sure you are in the same boat.

Again, let's rock 2013 with our awesomeness my loves!