Dec 7, 2012

Where is the hole so I can crawl in it?

Oh hey, it's Friday.
I am not even excited because I still feel like poo.

From my throat, this sickness has now creeped up my nose and has become a full blown sinus problem. SUCKS BALLS.

And of course this happens when I am busiest this week so I have had NO time to rest up so I can at least give my body a fighting chance against the nasty germs.

Last night, after work we went to Costco and Stop & Shop. Came home, cook the lamest dinner ever, hot dogs and garlic fries, then got to work in the kitchen. Mind you, it's 9:30pm.  I seasoned 6 pounds of ground turkey meat last night for the 200 empanadas I have to make today after work. Yes, kill me now.  I also made the biggest batch ever of my hot sauce which included 2 BIGGEST red onions ever seen on the face of this world, 6 jalapenos, 6 tomatoes, a whole bunch of cilantro, and a shit ton of lemon juice.  All of that chopped up and mix together for goodness.  After the initial mixing in the bowl, I had the hubs come over and taste test the hotness. He was like WHOA. It's hot.... I am now freaking out.  Because this hot sauce is for Saturday. I like to give it a day to marinate so it can get real good (hot wise), but the fact that the hubs said it was pretty hot in the initial mix... means that after it sits today, it's going to be even hotter for Saturday. Which isn't a bad thing, but I am praying it doesn't cross over the "too hot, not tasteful anymore" line. So, here's hoping.

This morning, I dumped the 6 pounds of turkey ground meat in my crock pot. My first time cooking it this way, but I HAVE NO TIME TO DO ALL OF THIS AFTER WORK AND HOPE TO BE ASLEEP BY 1 IN THE MORNING... so, I chanced it.  I dumped it in this morning, adding the last ingredients and some tomato sauce and set it on low for 8 hours. I am PRAYING that when I get home today it's not one big lump of meat.  And if so, it will be easy to crumble up as it is the filling for the empanadas.

Did I mention I feel like shit and all I want to do is sleep?  Oh and did I mention that the party we are going to on Saturday where I am bringing the 200 empanadas is being planned by me and my other friend, which means I am going to be there at 10am to set up... and the party starts at 2-7?  Yeah, it's going to be a long two days especially if I don't feel  better.

Happy effin Friday.... and to my sinus infection... you NEED to get your ass moving so I have some hope in enjoying this weekend.


Julie said...

I'm sure your recipe will turn out great - and you can sleep next weekend! ;)

Jen said...

I'm sure everything will turn out great!! :)

KT said...

Aw feel better - did you take a dose or two of the hot sauce to clear the sinuses? That always works for me! ;-)

Shanny said...

Sorry, I'm living in the hole right now... but will come out for one of those empanadas.. WITH the hot sauce, I'm sure it will be delicious. Good luck with resting and setting up for the party AND have fun!
Fingers crossed you will feel better overnight!

Ashley said...

Feel better, friend!

Madison said...

Aw hope you get enough rest to get over your sinus infection! Are you on any antibiotics for it?

How did the empanadas turn out?? Empanadas sound so good right now.