Dec 11, 2012

Up to no good last night

First, thanks for all your comments and tweets about me feeling better.  I am STILL sick after a week and half now.  But, I walk with a smile on my face becuase I know this will pass.

So, onto last night.  We had tickets to go see WWE Raw Live last night.  My sis-in-crime aka Ms. Networking came with us which means we were up to no good. At all.

The best way to describe is through pictures of course!


This is when we first got into our seats.  We were excited to see some hot wrestlers.  Booya!


That was sitting in front of us.  The HOT PINK hair lady.  Her head was so bright, I am pretty sure she would have been able to direct planes down to landing.


This is my "I better see some hot wrestlers tonight" face.


HELLLOOOOOO ALBERTO DEL RIO.... I will only say this:  Check out his man goods. Enough said.


This is after we saw his man goods... after I zoomed in.  WOOOOOOO.


Hubs and I after the show was over.  God bless him for dealing with us two fools all night.  I am sure he was sick of hearing our cackling and giggling.  Love you hubs! xoxo

Oh and yesterday my boss put this on my desk.  A Costco sized bag of chocolates.  He gave me "directions" to distribute these amongst everyone in the office.  Um... no. Consider this my bonus.  All mine. WINNING!


Also, today is our NJ Bloggers Meet-Up!!!!!

blogger meet up

I am SOOOOOO excited to meet everyone!!!! Can't wait!


KT said...

Hahahahahhaha the faces you girls made after seeing the 'goods'!! Priceless!!!!

Glad to see you had fun - and have fun tonight! Have a drink or something in my absence :)

Jen said...

Haha so glad you had fun! My Dad and I used to go to wrestling events all the time when I was growing up. :)

sarahannnoel said...

HAHAHA. LOVE that you kept all the chocolate!

the Reverie blog

Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I can't see any pics :-( WWE sounds Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Share Ghirardelli chocolates? I think not!!

'm so bummed I missed the meetup. Things just didn't pan out the way I was hoping? I say we do another after the start of the new year!