Dec 4, 2012

My name is Sadie, the yorkiepoo

Sadie saying HELLO
Oh Hello there!

Hi. That's me up there.  I know, I am so beautiful. I get it from my mama!

Anyways, I am filling in today on mama's blog because she is just not feeling well. She has been sneezing, coughing, cursing the world, and just plain ole grump these past two days. She even went to sleep early last night. Don't tell her I told you, but I think mama is on drugs!  I saw her take a big ole gulp of something that was red.  The bottle said Nyquil.  I am pretty sure those are drugs because she was walking around all weird and her eyes were glazed over.  That stuff is strong.  Then that's when it was bedtime.  I was excited because she let me go with her to sleep on the bed.  Yay!  But I got kicked out around midnight because I kept barking like a mad woman.  Not my fault. I heard a noise and was TRYING to protect her.  It what us dogs do!  So after she kicked me out, I was stuck with pop pop.  He was no fun, he was working on paperwork and watching TV.  WOMP. Anyways, while mama is at work wishing she was home in bed, I figured I can tell you that all of the bad things she says about me, like how I steal socks from laundry basket, how I pee on the bed (multiple times), and how I drive her crazy in the morning barking in her face while she is trying to pee because I am too impatient to wait to get my bone after she is done,  they are all LIES!!! Don't believe her. Seriously, just look at me!

Sadie face
I am too cute for you!

I am totally not capable of doing bad things.  So, from now on, don't believe anything mama tells you.

Also, if you want to see more cute pics of me, check out mama's Instagram (newlywedgiggles)... she is ALWAYS posting picture of my cuteness to make you all jealous.  Yeah, that's right baby.. be jealous.

Peace out bloggy peeps,
Sadie, the yorkiepoo


Jen said...

Sadie is adorable!!! :)

jess said...

Welcome, Sadie! You are too cute! I hope your mama feels better soon! :)

KT said...

Hi Sadie!!

Shanny said...

Aww Sadie, you are super adorable!
I hope your [ lying;) ] Mommy feels better soon!

Ashley said...

Sadie... I think you are guilty. Haha. I have my own little sock thief. *ahem* Dean.