Nov 13, 2012

Meet my six hubands

Happy Tuesday my bloggy peeps. I am here to talk to you about my six husbands.  How fitting right before I celebrate my 4 year anniversary right???  I think so.

Moving on.

Yep, you read that right. I have six husbands. No joke. Well, I have one piece of paper that says I legally only have ONE husband, but a girl can dream right? Right. See, that's why I like you already. So, let's talk about these husbands of mine.

Husband #1
Michael Buble
This husband is my musical husband. He LOVES to serenade me in the house. He knows how much I love that smooth jazzy voice of his. The picture above we took when we were vacationing in Spain. Isn't he cute as well? I know, I am one lucky gal.

Husband #2
Matt Bomer
This husband is my swag husband. He is just so dam fine. You might recognize him from the show White Collar. He loves to wear suits. He always has me running to Brooks Brothers to pick up his suits. You may have heard in the media that he announced he was gay, but no worries, he is just covering up our marriage so the paparazzi doesn't swarm me everywhere I go.

Husband #3
John Cena
This husband is my hustle husband. He hustles as a WWE wrestler to give fans what they want. He is very active and LOVES all things having to do with cars. We can be seen at car shows around the world.

Husband #4
Channing Tatum
This husband is my dancer husband. He LOVES to dance his cute little booty off. He is an actor as well. Make sure you all watch his latest movie that has been out Magic Mike.  He had me measure him here for a suit for the movie premiere.

Husband #5
The Rock
This husband is just plain awesome. He is hot. He is strong. He has faith. He is hot. Oh, I mentioned that already? Sorry about that, I just get so carried away. The Rock does movies and wrestles. We had a blast when we were in Miami this year for Wrestlemania.

Husband #6 - the REAL one.  The ONLY one who has my heart.

Mr. Hubs
This husband is the one who is my love. He is my partner for life. My life wouldn't be complete without him by my side. He laughs at my corny jokes, and tells me when I am just plain corny. He videotapes me when I get the giggles and shows all of our friends (um... embarrassing!). He loves me and I love him. This is the husband who I was meant to be with. I thank God for that every day.

So, how many husbands do you all have???  Don't be shy!


Julann said...

I LOVE the ROCK!! OMG he steals my heart!

Shanny said...

Matt Bommer.... *sigh*
Gay or not, the indecent thoughts are still there lol

Helene said...

haha this is awesome. but Tatum is mine!!!

Helene in Between

Laura Darling said...

Hahaha I love this. I have several celebrity crushes and I call them "my men." Sometimes I'll say "Oh I saw my man the other day" and my sister will say "....which one?" Ha probably gives the wrong idea to people who hear that!

Madison said...

Haha you crack me up.

Matt Bomer is seriously sexy. He will make some man very happy some day ;)

But.... I'm gonna have to disagree with you on the others. Michael Buble is okay, but no thanks on the others. :P I really don't see the appeal in Channing. He has a good body but there's something about him that just seems odd and I can't get over that, lol. Yeah, I know, I'm probably the only woman that thinks that!

I have a celebrity crush on Colin Morgan tough. Something about his boyish, quirkiness just draws me in!

Domestic Mamma said...

Hehe...My sister and I fight over Channing all the time. My other celeb husband is Chris Hemsworth (Thor). That man makes me weak at the

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