Nov 14, 2012

Influenster product faves!

Let's talk Influenster.  If you don't know about it, then you MUST get on it. It's just plain awesome.

I was lucky to be a receipient for the Beauty Bloggers Voxbox!!!!
Le'ts talk about the goodies.


Awesomeness in a box. Seriously y'all!


  • Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream.
    • This is the BOMB. I have REALLY curly hair and a lot of it. This cream was perfect. No frizz and talk about defined curls. (see picture below).  I need to order about a dozen of these. No joke. If you have curly/wavy hair, you NEED this in your life. Put it on your Christmas list. Oh, and my friend LOVED the smell. It does smell pretty darn good.
  • NYC New York Color IndividualEyes Custom Compact
    • I love me some NYC because I can hoard makeup without breaking my bank account. And their makeup is awesome. This compact is even more awesome. It has everything you need to create that model fashion look. Even PRIMER!!! I never used primer before but man oh man, I was an idiot for not using.  I always have makeup on.  I always love doing up my eyes. This make it so easy.  I just have to carry this compact that has all the colors perfectly matched for you. This is a must purchase as well.
  • Vitabath Frangrance Mist
    • Love it. I received the Green Apple & White Lily. It's perfect for the fall season. I currently have it in my bag. Yep, it goes where I go.
  • Bath & Body Works Mini Candle
    • This smells like fall which makes me happy.  I have the Cider Lane. Let's just say that during the hurricane, this candle came in WAY handy. It may have been cold and dark, but at least our apartment smelled good. 
  • Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit
    • OK, I'm retarded when it comes to putting lashes on.  I tried and failed. But these lashes do look amazing on... when they are not crooked.  Thankfully they have tutorials on their site to show people like me. It really is easy, I just don't have a steady hand and freak out when things are near my eyes.  But when those babies are on, VAVAVOOM. Watch out world. 
  • Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin
    • I have thick curly hair.. this is just a bit difficult to put in unless my hair has been straightened out. So, when my hair is straight or not as curly, then it works. Besides that, talk about tangle mania in curly hair.
    • This did not taste good in my opinion.  It's a vitamin effervescent powder. Think something along the lines of Airborne.  I was not a fan of the after taste.  I had the orange flavor one. 

So, there you have it.  Now I have some shopping to do for my fave products!


Shanny said...

Gosh I love beauty products... thanks for the reviews... I might have to try the curl defining hair cream for those days that I want wavy instead of blow dry.. aka.. my lazy days lol

Jess said...

I have thin hair, so the spin pins were great for me. However, I 100% agree on the Boost drink. I got it in a Birchbox once and found it disgusting. I gave this one to my husband and he said that it tasted like eating the white pith of an orange.

Ms. Networking said...

ok here's my test comment!

Btw I am all about this new profile!! xoxo =)