Nov 26, 2012

A little announcement.

Hello there my bloggy peeps. I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Ours was great. We ate way too much food and laughed a whole lot.  I say success!
I was lucky to not have to host Thanksgiving so instead I baked.  And once again, I made my fresh homemade pumpkin pie!




Needless to say, it was super yummy.  AND, I carved the turkey. :::proud Kenya here!:::

Hubs and I actually went out at midnight to Target...::gasp:::

I totally didn't want to go. I was so tired and didn't want to deal with crazy people, but our neighbors went and she texted me letting me know that it wasn't that packed.  So off we went. We had fun.
Hubs put this in the cart, which now resides in our bedroom.

2012-11-23_00-18-17_105, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

So now when the hubs is playing video games or watching something I don't want to, I can go into the bedroom and snuggle with the pups on the bed while we get to watch our girly shows. #winning

We came home to sleep after the Target run, and then headed back out with my mom and friend for more shopping.  We did pretty good.  I didn't buy much.  But I did get the Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew! Success.  We also headed to the movies to watch Skyfall.  Can I just say that Daniel Craig is super duper hot.
Saturday we got to organizing and cleaning the house... a few hours later, our place look fantastic.  Saturday night we hosted game night at our place with some friends. Thanks to Target for having adult board games for 10 bucks!!!  I recommend the games Fact or Crap and Imaginiff.... both were a lot of fun to play.

Sunday we headed back to the stores to get an idea of couches.  Our couches are about 14 years old. When we got married, hubs aunt graciously gave us her leather couches.  Now, they are done. The leather is tearing apart, and of course Sadie chewed a hole on one of the seats. Man, couch shopping is not as fun as I thought it would be. Any advice on best couches to get for a small yorkiepoo dog???  I want it to withstand her nails since she does hang out on the couch with us and jumps up and off of it.

And here we are to Monday.  I actually am enjoying this Monday while everyone else is dreading it.  Why? Because I am alive to live it.  Can't ask for anything better than that.

And onto the little announcement....
I REALLY REALLY wished the secret boards on Pinterest were available BEFORE I created a Baby board.  So, my little announcement??? I am NOT pregnant (Nikki... lol).  I just was seeing so many cute things and ideas for babies since most of you bloggy friends are pregnant and wanted to pin the stuff for FUTURE.  Apparently, I have been confusing people and making some of them question me when all of a sudden, 20 baby pins show up in their feed from me. :)
So, yeah, no baby here yet... but don't worry... something may be in the works.  You will just have to wait and see!


Shanny said...

I really wanted to go shopping on Black Friday but never got around to it... lazy! Plus I've never, ever gone shopping on that day, and I'm scared of the people lol

And I'm guessing you guys have decided to try, whether yes or no.. have fun with all the practice ;)

Jen said...

I wanted to go shopping on black friday but was terrified to attempt it in Vegas haha. People are nuts there (doesn't say much for me since I grew up there lol). Your pies look yummy!

Kathryn said...

I've been explicitly avoiding pinning baby things just so my friends won't be thinking I am preggo all the time. Private boards are great.

Jane said...

Yummm your pie looks so good! I kind of wish we had gone out on Black Friday it didn't seem as crazy this year as other years. We have microfiber couches and they hold up really well to Yorkiepoo nails. I love them because I just wipe and the nail marks are gone. Unlike, our leather couches. :/

Nikki said...

I was all sorts of confused when I saw all those baby pins. Glad we cleared that up though!

Nikki said...


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Hahaha I love how people think that since we pin baby stuff we are automatically preg!