Oct 1, 2012

Why hello there!

First off, I want to thank you all for the encouraging words and prayers.  Y'all are amazing and so kind. The encouragement I received from you guys made mourning the loss of a loved one a little better. So, thank you again to all of you.

This weekend was a bittersweet weekend.  First, on Friday I found out that my niece was born!!!!!!  I was so happy as we were patiently waiting for her arrival.  Then Friday went to shits as I was sitting at work with a migraine from hell.  I would have stayed home, but just couldn't.  I somehow made it through work and went home took a nap while I waited for the hubs to come home.  He ended up working late so we couldn't even go see the baby. 

Saturday morning started off at about 5:30am.  I wake up to hearing whining and crying.  I look around and notice that Sadie isn't on the bed with us.  I get up and get my glasses on and still hear the whining and crying.  I look under the bed and she isn't there.  I am standing there saying to myself, where the fuck is this dog.  Then I find her here:

INSIDE my laundry basket.
"Mama, can you PLEASE help me get out. I got in, but can't get out."
I busted out laughing and immediately grabbed my phone to take pictures of this.  She managed to jump into the laundry basket, probably looking to steal socks, but she couldn't get out.  Seriously, I don't make this shit up.

Saturday, I had a bloggy meet up with Nikki at My Life My Way.  I am glad we didn't cancel our plans because it was nice to get my mind off things for a bit.  We, as in Nikki doing all the work and me staring at her, made smore cookies.  OMG, they are so freaking good.  Thank you to Nikki for those... they sure did hit the spot.  Then we met up with my sis-in-crime and went to a pub for some good food, drinks and best of all, laughter.  Had such a good time and the place was good. 

Isn't Nikki so pretty!!!!!

We. Are. Awesome.
 Sunday was the  wake for Tony.  All day was spent with the family while we supported each other during this tough time. 

And here we are on Monday.... I am like a zombie walking around.  It was so bad that when I got to work, I realized I didn't put any a deodorant on. FAIL.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Julie said...

Psh you don't need deodorant...I realize that's the one thing I forget a lot. Oh well :)

Nikki said...

We, as in Nikki doing all the work and me staring at her.....

LOL! Ah the memories!

Silly Saide!

KT said...

Sounds like you gals had fun! True Fact: I've known nikki since we were 12. I also live down the street from her :-P