Oct 31, 2012

Update: Hurricane Sandy here in Jersey

Good morning everyone,
First, thank you to all of you for the well wishes and prayers as we braced for this storm that smacked us head first.  We are OK.

We have had no power since Monday night and they are estimating that we will get power back on 11/5.  Yes you read that right, 11/5. 

We will be spending some cold nights because even all of our friends and family members don't have power either.... so no where to run.

I am work right now, which amazing has power, even though everything around us within 1 mile doesn't.  So no food places to even get some food. I am hungry. Not like I can bring food from home, because I will now have to throw everything out in my fridge and freezer, which was packed since we went food shopping the week before. WOMP.

But I was able to dodge down trees and power lines and get to work in a safe way.  At least while I am at work for 8 hours, I have heat. That's the only plus.

But now I am able to look at news... and to see that the whole jersey shore boardwalk is gone, it's unbelievable.  That's one of Jersey icon... that's what makes Jersey. Crazy.

So, I ask that all of you bloggy friends unite together to help out the east coast bloggy friends, please please please DONATE TO RED CROSS... Our state was never equipped to handle HURRICANES... we need help.

So, let's unite together as the blog community always does and please if you can, donate to Red Cross.

We all on the east coast thank you!
And to my fellow east coast bloggers who may have power to read this, stay safe and thinking of you all!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Britt said...

Glad you're okay! I've been calling hospitals/rehab centers in NJ for work and all the numbers are temp disconnected..so scary!

Kathryn said...

Glad you're safe. I can't believe no power til 11/5, crazy! Hope it's sooner. Enjoy the heat/light at work I guess. Hope you have some PB&J.

Julie said...

Maybe you should just sleep at work! I have several guests who were beyond upset last night with the news since they have been stranded for awhile here in St. Louis. Its a very sad story

Anonymous said...

Oh hun what a nightmare :( I'm one of your new readers (hi) and am so glad to that you are ok. I can barely watch the news anymore, they keep showing all the devastation and it breaks my heart.

I hope you guys get power back SOONER than that. That's hard.

Jen said...

Glad you are safe but I sure hope that you get power back sooner than the 5th.

Unknown said...

I am praying for you guys and I'll keep praying too! Esther Norine Designs