Oct 25, 2012

Oh yes, IT'S OK!

Its Ok Thursdays

Linking up today!!! So, let's get started....

IT'S OK....
  • That I cancelled plans that I had going on this week because I am sick and clearly I need the rest. If people get mad, then oh well.
  • that I admitted I needed rest!  This is a big step guys and gals.  Aren't you proud of me Raff?
  • that I am working at 65% at work
  • that I am so excited to meet fellow NJ Bloggers at our meet up next Thursday!!! If you want details, e-mail me!
  • that I want to rip my throat and nose out since the scratchy and congested feeling is NOT fun
  • that I may fall asleep at work since I feel like ultimate poo
  • if my friends don't understand why I "share" everything in my life on this blog here of mine
  • that I have made the decision to change my blog name to represent me in this present life. 
  • to research the idea of paying someone to give my blog a makeover when I do find the perfect new blog name
  • to be scared
  • to be sad
  • to realize that there are things that happen in my life that are out of my control
  • to feel like poo, but still put a smile on my face because I am alive for another day of this wonderful thing called MY LIFE!
What are you saying It's OK to?
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~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Julie said...

I totally agree about the smile on the face becuase we're here another day! :)

Julann said...

I am scared, sad and my life is out of control and it is OK, as we are strong and will endure! Love this post today.... stay with it, life is an adventure!

SEL said...

I'm just like you. I was SO SICK this week. My daughter was sick for 3 weeks before this. But, I still tried to smile because I'm still alive, and I know damn well that someone in the world has it much worse. I love when I find people that have the same mentality!

I'm a Jersey girl, too! Where in Jersey are you from?

Found you from the link up. Newest follower!

Swing by if you can.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Hey sick girl, sick girl here. We need to get better asap!

And totally ok to pay for a blog makeover. I'm thinking about doing that myself. Maybe a new year thing?

Nikki said...

I big puffy oink heart you just so you know. Feel better!

Jen said...

Oh well if people get mad, you need to get better.

Ashley said...

Sometimes weekends without plans are exactly what a person needs... your friends will get over it! :)

KT said...

::hugs:: just because I can :)

Can't wait for next week :D