Oct 19, 2012

Kicking me in the butt!

Hola my bloggy peeps. Is it Friday? Oh yeah it is. Holy crap, where did the week go? 
I woke up with a potential migraine. So, I took two Excedrin migraine which means my heart is racing at 120 beats per minute, and my body is shaking as if I am a crack addict that has no crack. Serious. No joke.

Ugh.... sleep.. I don't even know what that is anymore?  Yeah, I sleep, but I toss and turn all night long.  I even think last night I was yelling at the hubs.  But I totally think he was just trying to cuddle with me.  And I yelled at him because I was so out of it and woken up. Wife fail. Hubs, sorry... my mind is just all over the place.  Or, if you weren't really trying to cuddle, then you deserved the yelling for what, I have no clue.

I have a busy weekend too. I need to start saying NO to things because my body can't handle it anymore.
Anxiety level?  THROUGH THE ROOF.
I have so many things I want to do but I just can't seem to get any of it done. Annoyed at myself. FAIL.

But on a good note, we might go to a haunted house tomorrow night.  We will see.  I love being scared. It's weird.  My friends enjoy coming with us just because I am the entertainment.  You're welcome friends.

OK, I need to go deal with mini crisis at work.  FANTASTIC.

Puffy heart you bloggy peeps... go out there and make Friday fun.

I might go outside and sing in the rain because I am pretty sure that will help me feel better.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Jamie said...

I hope you get some good rest this weekend!

Julie said...

We're going to a halloween party next weekend - I'm kinda excited because its at an actual haunted place. I'm not totally into all that but it will be different.

Shanny said...

Aghhh I hope you feel better and that you at least enjoy your busy weekend! And get some zzzzz...