Oct 3, 2012

I thought Michael Myers was following me today....ahhhh

This morning it looks like this here in Jersey...

It is real foggy out and drizzling.  When I was walking to my car this morning, I thought I looked like this:

Please don't kill me
It was such a Halloween feel.
Talking about Halloween and horror.... I finally got to see Dexter!
Do any of you watch this show?  I am beyond excited and the first episode back started off so freaking good.  I just couldn't believe it!

We are doing inventory at work and let me tell you, the damn tension in the building is crazy. We are all just cranky.  Plain ole cranky.

And to be even more random, did I mention my love for this:
yum yum in my tummy
I housed that whole thing and it was so freaking good.

And my dog loves to steal socks.
Give me that sock mama!
But how can you get mad at this beautiful face:
I'm cute. That is all.
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~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Angi said...

Hi there, here from the blog hop!!

I've never seen Dexter...but the more I read new blogs, the more people I'm seeing that LOVE the show...I may just have to check it out ;)

KT said...

Cute doggie! That's funny about socks, I have a cat that likes to attack my feet!! I don't think my brain was awake enough this morning to process the fog and how spooky it was!

Jamie said...

We watch Dexter. Its a good show although it is a bit too scary for me sometimes.

Holly said...

I haven't seen Dexter but I think I might start it fr the beginning this weekend. I always hear great things about it!

lil desiqua said...

What's the food? Looks yummy!
The only Halloween (that's the name right?) movie I ever saw was H2O- freaky!

Marissa said...

We're in GA, so it doesn't drizzle here often;) I miss it!
Oh and I'm visiting you from the linky party!:)