Sep 9, 2012

Hola from Anaheim

I am alive my Bloggy friends. As you know, I am on vacation which sadly ends tomorrow. Womp. But we have been having a good time out here in California. The weather has been superb and our conference for MonaVie was fantastic.  We just got out of church service and will be heading to an Angels game. Now, I am a football girl,  I know nothing about baseball.  But we were able to score cheap tickets to an Angels game today so we are going to try something new! And why not go to the awesome stadium. Hello!  I am excited as this will be the first EVER baseball game I attend. I know, shame on me for living in Jersey with easy access to both the Yankees and Mets.... but again, we aren't baseball people. What to know what I am more excited about? Our seats are in complete shade! Its hot over her today! So, this should be fun.

Also, our rental car is bumblebee. If you don't know what car bumblebee is, then I must re-evaluate our friendship. Shame on you.  Drop top too baby!

Can't wait to share pics and stories from our trip.  So, have a blessed day my Bloggy peeps and go Angels!

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Jamie said...

I am jealous you are so close to my home town! Have fun at the game.