Sep 18, 2012

Breaking Dawn new trailer!

I swear to you I saw this trailer about a gazillion times already.


You have no idea. I read the books and got sucked in. Saw the movies and got sucked in.
I will be sad when it's over.  But this last movie is going to totally kick ass.
Team Edward
Which team are you?  And if you say you are Team notjacoboredwardbutsomeotherrandomcharacter.... I will punch you in the face.

Also, this comes out on our 4 year wedding anniversary.  How easy it is for the hubs.  Date night at the movies. WINNING.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Beautifully Quirky said...

My 8 wedding anniversary is Nov 20 ;)

Long story short, I'm Team Edward. Jasper is hot though and I really fell for his character while reading the books.

Monica said...

Haha I am definitely Team Jacob but I hold no judgement on those of Team Edward! Can't wait for the movie :)

Shanny said...

Its a frigging awesome trailer! I cannot wait!!!!! And I actually love both Edward and Jacob *sigh* but team? If I must choose... then Team Edward of course ;)