Aug 13, 2012

I got injured doing SACK RACE?!?! What the eff?

It's Monday... and I am so tired that my head might be kissing my keyboard a couple of times today.

BUT, let's talk about my family reunion I had this weekend. 

Saturday morning, hubs and I packed up the car and headed to pick up my cousin.  Then we were on the road for the two hour drive to the place in CT the reunion was taking place. This is how the day turned out.
  • When we got there, it was raining.  But then the sun came out.  But the humidity didn't leave.
  • It was hot, but it didn't matter because I was so happy to see everyone. 
  • There was so much food!!!!!  and it was good.
  • I think I ate about a gazillion hot dogs, pound of cole slaw, three pounds of green olives (I have an obessession with green olives) 20 million burgers, pasta, chicken... everything. I ate everything!!!!!
  • On top of the food, I had ice cream, and cotton candy, and popcorn, and fruit.
  • This place gets an A+ for the food that was available ALL DAY SO I CAN STUFF MY FACE. Thank you.
  • I felt like I was in camp. They had so many activities for us to do
  • First activity - volleyball.  I could not hit that ball for the life of me straight.... instead I kept hitting it so it would go BEHIND our team, rolling down the side of the mountain. FAIL.
  • We played like 17 games of volleyball. It was so much fun!
  • My family is effin crazy... and I love them so darn much.
  • There was a sack race. I decided to team up with my sister.  WE GOT THIS SHIT, WE WILL SHOW THEM HOW SISTERS RULE THIS REUNION.
  • Yeah, we didn't have shit. We fell. Fell HARD... like scraped my knee up HARD.  Not even the little kids fell like we did. My sister was screaming and yelling at me "DO WE JUMP, WALK HOP OH MY EFFIN GOD WHAT DO WE DO AND WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING JUMP WALK RUN HOP AHHHHHH"
  • Yeah.. all that in a matter of a minute. In my face. She's lucky I love her.
  • We didn't even finish the race.  The rest of our family did. I was laughing so hard in the middle that I almost peed my pants.  WE DIDN'T FINISH. Such role models we were for our little cousins.  FAIL.
  • Go us.
  • It's Monday and my body is still sore from the reunion.  Why on earth did I think I was 14 again running around like a little kid with my cotton candy in one hand yelling "let's go to the pool, but let me grab my 100th burger before."
  • Yeah, all that happened.
  • IT WAS WORTH IT. I had such a great time!
How was your weekend bloggy peeps?

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Julann said...

How fun! I always wished I had a big family to have reunions.

Kathryn said...

Doing a sack race as an adult isn't fair. You are taller so you have a higher center of gravity and farther to fall. At least you can laugh about it!

Julie said...

Sounds like a fun reunion :)