Aug 30, 2012

Bloggy Friends Meet!!!!!

Y'all, today I get to meet Nikki from My Life My Way!!!!! Like, I get to meet her in real life, like FACE TO FACE, CARA A CARA (spanish).

I am so excited.

YAY!!!!!  We are meeting up today down in Shrewsburry, NJ to pick up our race packets for The Color Run we are both going to be doing on Saturday.  So, it was the PERFECT opportunity to meet!!!!!

But it's funny, because it doesn't feel like awkward or anything because we chat all the time via blog, twitter, facebook, even text (she thinks I'm that cool enough!).

I am so excited though because Nikki is hilarious AND she doesn't think I'm a cornball. Well, maybe she does but she's OK with it so yeah. 

So I told her I was going to show up wearing a gown.  I think I may throw in a tiara in there too... you know, for good measure.

But what we really made so happy that I met her through bloggy land was because of this tweet:

Nikki ‏@frogginainteasy

@NewlywedGiggles TONIGHT TONIGHT TONIGHT! Cant wait to meet your face TONIGHT! #peeinmypantsexcited

She wrote "\peeinmypantsexcited".  HOW FREAKING AWESOME SHE IS. I take that as a HUGE compliment.  Like, if I can make you pee in your pants, I must be pretty dam awesome. #WINNING

You are all fools if you don't follow her on her blog and twitter. Seriously, she's so freaking cool, so go now and follow her.

Also, anyone else doing the NJ color run??  Let me know, we can meet! But please don't hold me responsible when we meet if you pee in your pants. Not my fault. Blame my awesomeness.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Nikki said...

Cara a cara mi amiga! See I can speak a Spanish too! Ok well may be just a little so dont go all hood rat on my ass tonight mmmmm kaayyyy?

FYI I do think your a cornball but tis all good my bloggy friends because I too am a cornball!

Gown and tiara I am expecting it all! Maybe you can add flashy lights in there too? Knowing you I know you will figure SOMETHING out!

Also just so you know I am #peeinmypantsexcited about tonight. Just watch out I may have to kiss your face too! Double cheeky style because Yo soy Italiano. <~~ See more spanish! I RULE!


Beautifully Quirky said...

Nikki definitely hangs with the cornballs.... I know her since middle school, lol.

Hope you guys have fun :D

Julie said...

I can't wait to hear about your color run experience :)