Jul 18, 2012

Target = FAIL

Good morning bloggy peeps.
Today is a better day than yesterday.  Thanks so much for the encouraging words.  Man, this blog world of friends truly is a blessing.  XOXO

I want to share a funny story with you.  Last night, the hubs and I were doing some food shopping.  We had to stop at Target to pick up a few items.  As we are there, I remember that we needed some hamburger and hot dog buns.    This is what we found:

Last I checked, hot dog buns were NOT round.  The WHOLE shelf was filled with these.  Clearly, someone put the wrong bags in the plant, but seriously Target, you are going to still put these out?  Target = FAIL

Oh hey, this is me this morning.  Talk about a GREAT curly hair day considering it's going to feel like 110 today in  Jersey with humidity at like 70%.  Humidity = 0; My curly hair = 1.  WINNING

Last night, the pups must have known I was feeling a bit down, so she continued to stuff her rope toy in my face while I laid down on the couch.  This dog LOVES to play fetch.  Like, she can do this for hours all day. 

And how super adorable is Sadie here playing the hubs.  Do you see how she is standing/sitting on her hind legs.  This girl will jump HIGH for the toy.  Love her. 

Cramps, why on earth do we need to suffer from cramps.  Man, my insides feel like they are being pulled, stabbed, stretched and kicked by the little oompa loompas.  GRRRRRR.  Please let me get through this day without pulling my ovaries out. Guys have it good. If they only knew.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

Hahahaha dumb Target!

Ellen A. said...

Ha ha... leave it to stores to leave product out that is clearly labelled wrong!

Hope the cramps go away soon :)

Julie said...

That is hilarious about Target! Great photo op :)