Jul 11, 2012

Stupid face

Happy Hump day my bloggy peeps.  I don't know about you, but I am just busy busy busy as a busy busy busy bee.  Get that? Good.

So, as I mentioned before, this past weekend we went to the lake for some summer time fun.  Our luck, it ended up being 100 degrees out.  Wowzers. The heat literally kept punching me in my face every two seconds. But what sucks the most about heat and sun is that it wreaks havoc on my skin.  I suffer from being one of the unlucky people to have Rosacea.  It's a skin disorder and it just sucks monkey balls.  It makes my face irritate, super duper dry, red bumps all over.  I look like I have a really bad disease where people wonder if I am even human.  Now, a lot of my friends might not even realize because I ALWAYS have make-up on.  It has become second nature to have some kind of coverage on my face.  Yes, I try to hide the rosacea because it is just not a pretty sight.  It's embarrassing, makes me feel REALLY self conscious about myself.  I know it's a medical condition, blah blah blah..... but still, stupid society doesn't make it easy not being "normal."  So, I use make up all the time. And to those "friends" who like to talk shit behind my back about me always wearing make-up (yeah, just because you talk to other friends doesn't mean it doesn't get back to me).... ANYWAYS.... so yeah, that's why I wear make up all the time. IN YOUR FACE.  Naturally, after this weekend in hot and humid weather, my face decided to blow the eff up on Saturday.  Red blotches everywhere.  le sigh.  So, this week I decided to mask the face up and moisturizer like it's no one business so I can have a semi decent face for a party I have to go to Saturday. 
So here you all are, a glimpse of the scary mask woman face that I am pretty Sadie didn't know if I was her furbaby mama or a stranger walking around the house in a tank and underwear.

my embarrassing picture.... but I like how my ponytail is up so high and "cute" looking. Reminds me of six grade.
Here's to hoping that some TLC on my face this weeks pays off.  Also, here's hoping that I finally make an appt with the new dermatologist so we can get back on track on fixing my face.

Also, Sadie seemed to have a long day.  This is how she fell asleep yesterday.

I am surprised she didn't end up sliding off the couch with her head like that. 

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~