Jul 2, 2012

I was pretty buzzed by 5pm on Sunday.

Yeah, you read that right.  But let's start with Friday.  Friday was a shitty day.  I was out of all sorts on Friday.  More like wanted to crawl into a hole and have no one find me. But, that day has gone, thank goodness.

Saturday during the afternoon I had a bridal shower to attend.  I had such a blast meeting some new people at my table, and my friend was GORGEOUS.  I am so excited for her wedding this fall.  And I also won at one of the bridal shower games!!!! We had names of famous people on our back, and I was able to guess that I was Wendy Williams!  We had fun asking each other the questions.  Then Saturday night, we went to a wake for my sis-in-crime's grandmother who passed away.  My heart felt so heavy for her, but she was doing great.  She spoke at the service and made me cry.  But they had so many family and friends gathered there so it was nice to see everyone come together at a time like that. 

Because there were so many people in the room, there were no seats and a lot of us were standing.  It was pretty hot too since there were tons of people.  Well, my friend fainted and fell down.  Moment of panic, but after the fact, like hours later, we coudln't stop making fun of her.   Good thing, we made her laugh.  :)

So after the wake, us and our friends were starving, so headed back towards home and stop to grab some grub.  Then, since we were all together, we decided to hit up the bar and have a few drinks along with a few laughs.  Example:
Our bartender sucked major ass.  Here my friend is looking at his glass and seeing that there is something floating in his  beer.  It ended up being a mint leave.  This happened TWICE.  EEWWW... clean your glasses bartender!

Me and the bestie who fainted but clearly feeling much better here.

Our friends making fun of the bestie.  Reenacting her fainting spell.

I had I think about 2 of these on Sunday when we were watching the EuroCup final soccer game between Spain and Italy.

Then the bartender gave me a free sample of the margarita and I ordered another margarita, passion fruit! It was so yum!
Sunday, those drinks were consumed and a buzz was apparant by 5pm.  Thankfully, I am not hungover, had more time to get rid of the headache last night.  It was a crazy busy weekend and I am excited for this week!

Now, off to be productive at work and get my shit done. Happy Monday bloggy peeps.
~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~