Jul 16, 2012

Fighting like a ninja!

So yeah, I'm a ninja.  A ninja that fights when migraines sneak their ugly head around.
Man, I have been fighting this migraine for the past three days now. NO joke. Advil migraine you are my friend.  Also, I just realized that they recalled Execdrin... in January!!!!!  I did NOT know that and just recently switched to Advil migraine meds.  So yea, I have been putting "bad" Execdrin in my body for god knows how long. At least I am still alive.  Anyways, I might have lost this battle to the migraine last night into this morning.  Ugh.  Well, at least I avoided it for the party I was at on Saturday.

Talking about Saturday, the hubs and I had a blast.  We went to a surprise graduation party for my 3 cousins graduation.  Two graduated high school and one graduated middle school.  It was a blast.  Great to hang with family we don't see often and overall a fun relaxing day.  I am so proud of those girls.  Love!

Yesterday, I picked up the pups from the PetsHotel and we snuggled and cuddled on the couch all day.  The three of us took not one, but at least two or more naps throughout the day.  We were pretty exhausted from the day before and the hubs was on call yesterday for work, so staying home was the best choice for us.  And how adorable is the pups sleeping:

You better be dying of cuteness overload with that pic.  Seriously, don't I have the cutest pup EVER! Say yes if you still want to be BFFs with me.  I mean it!

I am ready to start off the week!  Great things will be happening. Also, my fat ass needs to get out and walking so I am going to get it done this week too.  I must lose this fat belly of mine because it is seriously starting to give me grief.

And, I am going to see Magic Mike AGAIN tonight with my friends.  WINNING! 

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

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