Jul 31, 2012

Boobies Out

Good morning my bloggy peeps.  I hope your morning is going much better than mine. Oh, what happened to me this morning you ask? Let me fill you in.

As I am walking into work, the strap from my dress popped right off.  "holy shit this is effin happening". There was no way I can turn around home to change.  I figured someone would have a safety pin at work.  BETTER, my co-worker keeps a sewing kit.  And she is super duper crafty so she knows her shit.  She sewed the strap back on for me so I can make it through the day.... in like 3 seconds.  She is sewing Queen.  What makes this even funnier is that I always wear a tank top underneath because my D cup breasts are too big for the too small triangular boob shapes and I am at work, don't need the guys staring at my cleavage.  BUT, I rarely wear a bra with it since the dress has pad and when I wear the tank top, I usually feel snug in the dress and somewhat confident of nipples staying warm and not visible.  But for some reason, today I decided to wear a bra.  THANK GOD... because nips would have been out along with big ole boob.   Let's pray the strap lasts till end of day.  Also, thank goodness for mini sweaters that cover my shoulders as well!

Also, I have been having some fun with Instagram and taking way too many self portraits of myself thinking i'm all hot and shit and posting them on GASP Instagram, Twitter and facebook.  I know. crazy.  So you don't feel left out. here ya go!

Modeling agencies, I can be reached by e-mail.  I am available for photo shoots starting next Monday. Don't all jump at once.

Also, just because I die of cuteness with this next picture, I want to make you die of cuteness too:

That's my sweet baby girl Sadie.  I know... I died too.  Love her.

BESIDES Sadie's pic, which self portrait do you like the most? 
Also, taking those pics made me miss the days I hauled my camera with me everywhere and took pics.  Think today I'll go for a walk with the camera.  I need some new prints up in our place so it looks somewhat like a home.

Happy Tuesday bloggy peeps. 
...and remember, keep the boobies in today.

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


Nikki said...

HOLY embrassing! I would have died! At least you had a bra on and a seamstress at work! Whooooo

Love all the pics and your curls are amazing!

ME! said...

You are a beauty. I think you should put in for a Dove ad! :)

Shanny said...

Oh goodness! Glad your co-worker hooked you up, super embarrasing lol

All the pics are beautiful BUT I like the third because it looks as if you are looking into the future or something =)

Between the Bind said...

Love this!! So beautiful. I like the one in the middle bc you have such lovely eyes. :) Work with it, gurrrll! :P

And holy ballz, lucky you! I always wear a sports bra to work (I'm a teacher and it's August in Florida...) so the last time a child CUT up the back of my shirt, At least it was a bit more coverage. Talk about embarrassing!

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