Jun 11, 2012


Happy Monday bloggy friends! 

Man, I had so much FUN this weekend.  Saturday, I got to hang with 4 close friends.  We took a road trip to Philly to hang out and check out my friends new place.

I haven't laughed and had such a good time at his place in such a long time!  Our drive to Philly was perfect because we hit no traffic.  Went out to a Colombian restaurant and had some good food, then we went back to my friend's place and just hung out.  It's so much fun when you can hang out with friends all night, and laugh so much.  We took ridiculous pictures of ourselves.  Example:
Jesus, Carlos, me and m sis-in-crime Alexa!

hahaha..... I just feel like this picture could be of us from middle school.

I was also excited to celebrate with my two friends (the two guys on the left) who have great things happening in their life!!!!!  EEEEEEEK.  I am just happy to see them soooo happy and smitten.  God is good.

We literally talked all night just about life.  It is a fantastic feeling to talk with close friends about the good and bad and not be judged.  So refreshing.

I hope your weekend was fab!

Note: Do you see my gigantic forehead in this pic, let's pray that whenever baby newlywed giggles comes along, they don't inherit that from me!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

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