Jun 7, 2012

Let's get one thing straight....

I am a girl.  I love makeup. I love wearing girly things. I like to have strappy shoes.
I do not like going shopping.  ::GASP:: 
So yeah, I am not that girl that can go shopping ALL DAY.  It's tiring, pointless, waste of time, waste of money (if you are excessively buying to wear only a few times).  IN MY OPINION. Apparently, I have to put that disclaimer of "opinion" before people get all crazy on me.

I am simple when it comes to clothing.  If I like something, I will buy it, but not after truly contemplating whether I really need it.  Seriously, sometimes the husband pushes me to buy something because he just knows how I am.  I'd rather spend money on doing something together with my husband and making memories than a piece of clothing.  Also, I REFUSE to pay a gazillion dollars for something that the fashion world says it is in.  Why should I follow what other people do?  Aren't we on this world to be unique, to be OURSELVES?  So yeah, I am not on top of all the fashion trends.  I am OK with that.  Because again, I wear what is comfortable and what I like to wear, not what the magazines tell me too.

So, this seems to be a challenge for me to explain to other women in this world we live on called Earth.  Why is so hard for people to understand that I just don't like shopping the way some other women do?  Why do they feel the need to push it on me?  Hey, if you love shopping and could do it all day, fantastic for you! But please don't tell me that I am wrong for not liking shopping the way you do. 

There is also nothing wrong with me not wanting to spend a lot of money in a store.  Even if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn't go on shopping sprees because again, I don't like shopping. 
And the biggie, I may not be a size 4, but my size does not determine why I don't like shopping.  If you know me as a friend for more than two years, you should get that. 

Cheers to not being a shopaholic-where-I-have-to-lie-about-how-much-money-I-spent-or-hide-the-things-I-buy-from-my-husband. 

Now that I am thinking about shopping, I do need to go to the M.A.C. store to stock up on some makeup essentials I usually have. :)

Do you love to shop till you drop?  Or do you like checking out the clearance section at Kohls? 
~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~


ME! said...

I haven't blogged in AGES! I miss your humor girl!!!
Shop til ya drop? Not this girl either!!! Granted, if I had all the money in the world, I might spend a day shopping for a new wardrobe (and then take a year off from doing that EVER AGAIN!) LOL
But, without all the money in the world, I quickly view the clearance section at ANY store and then I am OUT!

So, to all you lady-non-shoppers out there UNITE!!!!

(oh and by the by, and totally off the subject. but the congratulations you sent to someone on FB for going from "it's complicated" to "in a relationship"? it's with my husband. so, yeah, it's still complicated....)

ME! said...

(and another by the by - I'm a stalker LOL!!!)