May 20, 2012

My not so relax weekend

So this weekend was suppose to be a relaxing weekend for me.  WRONG.

The hubs was away at a conference so I was excited to watch Lifetime movie network and all of my Ellen shows that are DVRed. That didn't happen.

Friday night was a fun night. Got to spend time withe girls at my sister's place.  I realized when I was there, that all of my bridesmaids were together!!!!  I love those girls so much.  My best friend is home visiting from Chicago.  This is even more exciting because she is having a BABY!!!!  I am so happy I got to see her ultrasound pic too... just like a lima bean. Since she doesn't live close, I am treasuring every moment I can celebrate her pregnancy with her.  It's just an exciting time!!!!  We drank wine, except the preggers, and laughed a lot.  It was great!

Saturday I spent the day at my moms helping with power washing the house.  Let me tell you, I LIKE using the power washer. It's actually fun for me.  But after an hour of doing it, it's tiring and hurts.  My body is so sore today!  But, we got the job done and I was able to help my parents out.  Since I was at my moms and it was so beautiful out, I decided to take down all of my blinds, and bring them over to her house so I can clean them outside.  My back also hurts from bending over to clean the blinds, but it was much better and faster than cleaning them in the bath tub.

Today, I picked up the hubs from the airport. I am battling a migraine that is desperately trying to take over my life today, but it is a battle.  I organized our business cabinet today. Got rid of old stuff and put it in the new stuff the hubs brought back. I wanted to do my closet, but I am beat.  Now, to enjoy time with the hubs and pray that this migraine goes away.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

~*~Mrs. Newlywed Giggles~*~

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